Monday, October 12, 2009

What should know Wood Badge

What should know Wood Badge Never heard of Wood Badge? Yes, there is one thing to scouting. And yes! You will receive a badge of wood, when you are finished it.Training course. Wood Badge is a course for the Scouts. If and when after the course, which received a wood badge, certificate, a small neckerchief slide in leather, and two small wooden beads on a leather badge thong.Founder of wood. Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout Movement, is the first course in 1919. He has each of the participants, one of the pearls, which has captured the head Dinizulu Africans. This is where the name developed because its symbol was literally the expression of wood.Wood Scouting badge is the first training. Baden-Powell, which is so that Scouts can lea, in practice, the skills and methods of Scouting.It is first and foremost, leaing by doing. " Leader of the following. The members of the course of this strip and a force. The entire troop lives in out-of-doors for a week, camping, cooking their meals, and practicing Scout skills.The uniqueness of Scouting is the Patrol method. They use the natural gang of six or eight guys who choose their leadership and planning and implementation of many of their activities. This small group is a great example of how businesses operate, because their roles in daily life basis.Here young people lea to give and to work with people, because they certainly do everything in their lives. Again, are the opportunities for leaing and leadership to prepare for their future role as citizens.Yet This is just the best known of the three parts in the entire Wood Badge experience Lab - one week low - the doors - was originally scheduled to participate in a "theoretical" part 1, in response to a series of questions about the objectives and methods of Scouting program.Part 3 Then followed the practical course and required a period of 6 months, while the scouts in Scout House practice situation, what he had leaed in Parts 1 and 2.In practice, not just Wood Badge in the United States, the theoretical and the application was carried out simultaneously after the inteship was. But Wood Badge is more than mechanical course work. Wood Badge is the embodiment of the spirit of Scouting. How many experiences of intensive training, has always been on a busy schedule forcing the participants to work together to organize and develop the enthusiasm and team spirit for the tasks and challenges facing them.The Wood Badge course brings a deep devotion to its participants. E 'also inculcates the spirit of brotherhood and community. Since the program was, in the context of Scouting ideals and service for young people.The goal of the movement and the program for young people is promoted grown men and women to endure hours-16 days, a program from early moing until late night.Wood badge is a great force for world brotherhood, if you use the local traditions in different countries, it emphasizes the inteational aspects of the movement and the cultural heritage of Baden-Powell. James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor for Scout: What you need to know about Wood Badge Scouting's premier training.

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