Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Timberwolves have re

The Timberwolves have re Minnesota has won all four of his last visit, giving the Timberwolves win the longest strip of any opponent at Arco Reyes. Minnesota (8-6) has a 113-108 victory over the Lakers at Staples Center on Friday night. Wally Szczerbiak high scoring game of 34 points and Kevin Gaett 29 as added back to the Timberwolves beat the Lakers after 18 monitoring points from my competition. K.G. was dominant in the last two games scoring 58 points and pulling down 21 rebounds. "KG has been phenomenal," said Szczerbiak. "Everyone has kind of taken a step backwards, because that place has presence. You can? Ask for help, but not the ball down low. "Minnesota is looking for only their third victory on the road so far this season. The T-Wolves have won three of their bridges and the last four are contests.The Kings Stojakovic layout. Sacramento (7-9) is the hope of hope Peja Stojakovic can improve his game in time to help them avoid a third loss. In their last three games, Stojakovic has made just 7-of-34 shots. E 'went 3-for-16, finishing with 11 points in 40 minutes against the Heat, as the kings were blown up by 98-87 at Arco Arena. "We could not make a big blow, especially to me," said Stojakovic. "I'm trying to be aggressive, but my shot is not good. My finger is feeling better every day, but I'm struggling right now. "Over the last three years the Kings have responded to the loss of ten or more points for the extension that includes 23 of the 33 races. Despite his recent loss of kings were charging access to their sponsors in six of its last nine games.Jorge Gonzalez is a documented member of the Professional Handicappers League.   Read all articles

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