Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wenger and Mourinho is back

Wenger and Mourinho is back Arsène Wenger and José Mourinho's personal attacks beginning to forget the game. Saturday, the showdown between Chelsea and Arsenal is a soccer game cracking. Who supports you, and I support neither, Arsenal was the murder of a dominant Chelsea side, the objectives outstanding 2 goals - read all about it by clicking here. But what are we talking about all - Mourinho and Wenger game! And I also think I am guilty! Then, Sunday, we thought that was all Jose, as the unathletic, from you in a tunnel at the end of the game, but now the press is another story. Last week, at a time when the spirit of Christmas, Christmas cards sent Chelsea Jose to its 19 other Premiership, but a special message to the hand Gunners boss. The message, which seems an excuse for the recent statements and wish to bury the hatchet. When the letter arrived at Highbury, Arsene choking on his mince pie, while one of the Arsenal back-room staff tried to find out if the message is authentic. Sunday, Mourinho seems to wait with Wenger at the beginning of the game to shake his hand, but ignored by the Arsenal manager. And that was how it is during the game, too. If the game was over Mourinho had buggered and fairly quickly. Personally, I would have hung around to shake hands with Wenger. It 'been a "win-win for Mourinho! Wenger failed or gesture, and millions of television viewers have seen, would result in an unsportsmanlike action. Or, if you shake hands, could have rubbed Mouinho in a little 'more with the words "more luck next time, try! "However, Sam Allardyce is after all, because the couple aliens:" I do not think the British way. "Maybe with a lot of money and profits for all the time simply boring for Mourinho and his way of it! Arsenal and Chelsea have in their games this season, with the booty to Chelsea, perhaps the two tus and let the talk of football, but I doubt it!

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