Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weightlifting 101

Weightlifting 101 It seems that the whole world can see, is a bombardment of the virtues come into a gym and lifting weights. This is not health premiums to pursue this activity, but the question remains: What should I do if I have the weight room? Some people simply go to the gym and do what others seem to do. Bicep curls are a safe bet. Some machines do not look too complicated. In reality, it is certain that the feet in some places to visit and that the draft appears to change the weights would be sufficient. It is undoubtedly a fan in no time, right? Wrong. Exercises of this kind are not only not productive, that could cause damage to an otherwise "healthy" individual. Muscles, poor alignment, poor technique, lack of direction, are the many reasons people are unable to improve their level of fitness in the gym. A recipe is absolutely in order. The best scenario is to hire a personal trainer. A coach can set one in a program and then go with a client for a few workouts and then periodically in order to guarantee results. In a perfect world, everyone has someone to direct through the maze of machines and torture chambers. Unfortunately, this is not in the budget of most people. Scraping the money to join the gym and make the monthly fee is often sufficient. What you do in order to advance in the weight room? The following are some steps you can take to make the most of their time, energy, and actually get results: 1st Ask for a membership. Most gyms will have a new coach that buyers are a beginner, with the purchase of a membership. Be prepared for them in your laptop. Bring plenty of personal notes. No matter who the coach calls the exercise "weighs flies, any call you need to remember that. Perhaps you can remember "embrace a barrel." Do not feel rushed or intimidated by the coach and ask for the number of questions as you can imagine. This may be the only time we can get this trainer without paying the hourly rate, so take advantage. 2nd Watch the clock. Its exercise must be kept occupied for no more than an hour. If you start one now is a big commitment in time, the gym. If you take more than an hour, you will soon discover the reason for skipping the gym to fit into the lives of all other commitments. Moreover, it is very difficult to maintain any kind of intensity over 60 minutes. 3rd Take a chance. Most gyms have a wide range of cardio equipment. Many people have the habit of jumping on a treadmill or bike and you're done. The gym should be more than one stop cardio, running the risk weight for other things to discover. One of them did not reap the benefits of weight by osmosis. Cardio equipment must be used for 10 minutes to hot start and then, perhaps during the last 20 minutes for a more intense aerobic workout. 4th Think Big. As a general rule, it is better to form a large part of the body first. Try to make several joint exercises first single joint exercises. For example, an exercise carried out by the shoulder and elbow joint as a strip at the bottom, should be done before one that involves only the elbow joint, such as the biceps curl. 5th The torture of the body. Beginners should start with an exercise that reaches every part of the body, or a "training of the whole body." This means that the top and bottom of the body is formed in a single session. Be carried out over three years for a large part of the body like the chest next to one or two years for small body parts such as shoulders and triceps. So, all together, we must do one of about 12-15 in a training exercise. 6. Push, pull and legs you to think push, pull, and legs, and try to group these exercises accordingly. The exercises work by pushing the chest, shoulders and triceps. The exercises work by pulling her back, shoulders and biceps. Leg exercises should be the job front (quadriceps) and back (hamstrings) of the leg and lower leg (calf). After a couple of weeks of training for the body, the body can be divided into upper and lower body workout. There are a variety of ways to divide the body in different training sessions, as you become more advanced. 7th Go hard or go home. Many people do not raise any amount of weight, for fear of injury. This is why a personal trainer is so important, especially in the beginning. A coach to ensure that the right way. Once the lift is a certain form is correct, it is essential to lift a weight that will be a significant challenge for the body to make a difference. 8th Set and representatives? A group is doing a real exercise, and representatives are the number of times that the movement is executed. For example, the bench press is an exercise or group, and when you lift the weight 10 times, this is 10 representatives. As a general rule, try to lift the weight between 8-12 times. If the weight is less than eight times the place is probably too heavy for a beginner. If the weight is raised to 12 or more times, the weight is light and very likely to be increased. 9th Variety is the salt of life. It 'easy to get into a comfortable rhythm in the gym, but an exercise that is repeated in more than 3 weeks, becoming stale, boring, and do not enjoy the exercise. As the body to adapt to the challenges and then maintain. If you're not challenging your body does not grow or develop more of that demand as well. Must be constantly changing your workout to "fool" your body. This can be done easily by changing the order of the exercises, eg push, pull his legs one day, then the legs, pull, push another. You may feel like a whole different exercises. You can also use the machines to dumbbells, or use a bar instead of dumbbells for the same period. 10th Cross train. Everybody talks about cross-training, but what the heck is it? Cross training is simply to add variety to your workout doing different things. Instead of jumping on the elliptical trainer for cardio training by the end of its weight, could also go in the pool. Perhaps you could insert a spinning class sessions once a week or a fitness class. Lifting weights is important, but to relieve the boredom in an important way to ensure that your stay with your program. The best results were achieved by a minimum of weight training three times a week, so the other day, adding something different to make your training interesting. If you intend to stay with a program that should be fun. They have to find what works for you. Some clubs offer circuit training, or in a group with weights and elastic bands. These are great alteatives if you can not have come into the gym floor. Another important strategy is to find a training partner with similar goals as you and the calendar. This makes it the responsibility to appear on the calendar days that just do not feel like training. Weight training can be the fountain of youth, but like anything, it takes a while 'knowledge to exploit its advantages. Un po 'knowledge can be dangerous, so that the lower arm to the transport of weapons, and soon will be as passionate as I imagined it to be. By Shawna Kaminski (Shawna is a long time personal trainer and teacher. He has a lot of academics and athletics to help others reach their fitness goals in the gym, or to help her, see her website at :

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