Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vive Les Chats After Australian football as an expatriate

Vive Les Chats After Australian football as an expatriate   Vive Les Chats! Paris is a truly beautiful city. There can be more beautiful or more character in the whole world. However, as an Aussie, an essential element tragically not the multitude of fun this city has to offer is real footy coverage, which does not exist. The "frogs" do not know what is missing! I am not talking about the world venerated soccer variety or the super-padded, over-paid, U.S. rust heroes and especially not "throw himself on the field of play, which is called rugby. I'm talking real footy here, the great Australian game is without doubt the best audience in the world by one and a half miles. I would not have read Buddha's biography I suppose. He has only my thirst for footy and the Cats' brand of big game, in particular, has intensified. Although I was grateful when David (one of my five brothers living in Geelong, are uncomfortable for cats replays) brought it to me in Paris by "Sleepy Hollow", along with some video of the last cat game. Buddha Champ was a cat, I had admired for years and also had the book, which makes it special. While I want only video, our "free-loader" visitors wanted to see the monuments of Paris: the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the greatest of all possible worlds "Grand Avenue and Saint Chapel, where glorious high surrounding windows. But hey, I had my priorities sorted, I just wanted to relax with a baguette, a bottle of French red and watch the footy. I had my memory banks with a "footy fix." I need to know the players, once again, on all the emotions, skills and raw talent. Follow the super-fit and dedicated sportsmen, playing "Aussie Rules". But no, Wendy, dedicated shopping and much beloved sister-in-law that she and Denise my supposedly Aussie (but apathetic footy-) wife wanted to go shopping in Paris. Girls! As someone once said, we are sure that his love, but that among the male species can ever understand them? Denise and I had to live in Paris for almost two years, and while the experience was fantastic and we were in the end, the love with the city of light, enough, friend. The video of David on a blessing. French cable TV carries endless, absolutely dead boring, English cooking shows (Ye Olde BBC) and a variety of mind even more at home and garden decorating shows, news and ... damn little else. CNN repeated the old, old, hour by hour, and live - French TV who speaks their language of an exquisite zillion miles an hour and a hatred of the English language with a passion. The French would never understand the complexity of our footy after all. My memories of growing up in Geelong with footy as the Welsh food family have been characterized by Bhudda written. Like many other southe Australian children, we played footy every chance we had. At school, the local club, on the road and the track again, we can all over the world. Our six sisters often courtyard team - only and only the numbers, mind you. We have all the footy culture could be lapped, and remains with us all our lives, no matter where we are. It is something that is in my blood, along with a fair dose of Bordeaux, when we lived in Paris. Hey, it was France after all! I was a "G" (the famous Melboue Cricket Ground), with his father and a stronghold of the other Welsh in'63, when the mighty Cats beat Hawtho. I was 12 years, and I cried with sheer joy. I was also in the cat at home soil in Geelong, Kardinia Park, on Sunday moing to bury the Falcons. I called again. Great for a boy with a football hero who has just won the biggest trophies in sports, which a boy. These memories came flooding when I finally see the band in Paris and read Bhudda history. I realized once again what a great tradition in Australia has the game, from Irish immigrants Gealic play football in the gold fields of Ballarat in 1800. I also understand what these traditions mean to me and what I had lost over the years he lived abroad. I wonder how many people in Geelong really appreciated what they have. A lifestyle most people in the world that envy in a country still at least a lucky country, if not happiness, and a sporting tradition and sense of fair play that echoes throughout the world. My career in the oil sector has had to live abroad, and we do not retu a minute, but I miss my footy! Singapore was our first exciting posting, but unfortunately, the Australian soccer has no chance of him on Singapore TV screens. Mr. Lee Kwan Yu did not want his people corrupted by such unhealthy weste influences. Jakarta has been much more liberal. In the early 90s, we have the "game of VFL Day" live on TV in Australia. E 'stato bello located poolside with a Bintang (Indonesian beer) in hand and an eager houseboy ready to do another, if necessary, as I saw the footy action. The following year we could not collect all the footy on TV in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Mahitir was still angry with the then Australian Prime Minister Keating for his ill, as a "recalcitrant" remarks directed (right) at surprisingly smug and arrogant Malaysian Prime Minister. We lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, in'95, when the cats the Grand Final against Carlton. We were ecstatic on a live television broadcast on cable television in the United States. End of transmission on Friday night. Denise even small Aussie meat pies, while I hunted down an adequate supply of Fosters field and convinced some (somewhat 'reluctant) American friends to the show with us. We also have our house dressed in blue and white and had special T-shirt printed for the occasion. Ah, what a party it was. Did not take long to see the cats were in an overloaded and our friends in the wilting power of real beer (VS irrigated by their varieties). We are all at the end of drowning our sorrows, which I have in my case anyway, simply enjoyed the beer. But at least we saw the game (as was) live. The idea to rip the game was a free-for-all. All that I remember the next day was the beer and cake. Unfortunately, as the French do not want their cable or radio do the dreaded "Parley anglaise" that do not allow the satellite - the courts need to order the signal is in Paris. In fact, we could not even climb audio BBC clearly, even if it is just over the canal. No doubt about Aussie TV is the best in the world. It must be, which carries loads of footy. Not used to adjust the air to appease fanatical fans, but these days, the consumption of pay TV and entertainment. Maybe the AFL will be a day IAFL (the "I" is inteational) with teams from perhaps, New Zealand, South - Africa, Ireland and the Pacific of the competition. Then we saw truly inteational relations. I'm dreaming again. Or am I? I think the game has great potential inteationally. Yes, there is much to be said for the thrill of living in different parts of the world, but there are great advantages to stay where your roots are, with life-long friends and enjoy the life of a large city such as Geelong and ; Gods "Country" Australia offer. If you plan to travel should not be missed in Paris. It 'a really beautiful city with great architecture, character, color, love, life, courage, vitality and charm, like the French, Paris, what it is. As for my footy, I'll just try to be in Melboue on the "G" on this particular day in September. I want to scream promotion, until I'm hoarse again and see, hopefully, the mighty Cats bring home the flag. Then I reluctantly board yet another level of living abroad. Part of my soul stays in Geelong, as always. The French have much revered say, with sincerity of heart and specified patriotism, "Vive la France." This may be the year of the cat ( "chat" in French), so I said, with even more reverence and hope. ... Vive Les Chats! Ron A. Welsh Raw Power Writing

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