Friday, October 23, 2009

Reality Factor

Reality Factor Looking around a number of martial arts and one thing that surprised me a lot of time. Many people do not have an R factor of their training techniques to people who you see almost get punched in the face and just stand with a big smile on his face. Others get almost kicked in groin and keep moving as if nothing had happened and their "pieces" are made of steel. Worse still are those who say to go with the flow ...??? all these people who have no part in his training: the reality or the reality factor (R factor) If you hit in the face was not laughing, his head to back or sideways, out of balance, because their body follows the head. Football in the groin suggests stomach wants to get the word and will be very close. Those who practice the "flow Jutsu" are pretty hilarious. To make a street fighter to go with the flow. Will you say that to catch you, you hit or how to shoot? Oh and even tell you that you can not resist, resist, because if they can not Ki flow. These are just some examples, but a look around. It is surprising how many people have no r-factor. No matter what you practice martial arts, too often senior professionals in seminaries these errors can be seen to develop techniques for teaching 10 different combinations of all those who have no sense of reality. They will give you an explanation for this: "Your first block of attack, which has shot in groin, breaking his right thumb stick while in the eyes, tu around, kicking his right knee, will enter the next face, breaking his neck and head steps down. and then sit on it, pulling back her head with her listen to the capture and execution of a block on his arm. "This seems very macho, but not realistic. If the block and kick someone in the groin, that the fight is over. What will happen so fast you can believe. If you miss the target that football can break your arm like a second option. There are few people willing to continue fighting with a broken arm. If this also suggest that loses its review and techniques to train more, because there is something missing in their implementation of the techniques or martial arts practice. A real fight will not have the time, everything becomes more and in a few seconds. Give 2 or 3 seconds more than 2 experienced fighters who know how to counter and block, but before you know more. The first was a mistake to lose. The 2 things that have more influence in the R-factor is the teacher and martial arts. as a practitioner should clearly distinguish between sports and martial arts of war. Martial sport, as the name suggests a sport. On the basis of martial arts, but with rules, regulations, protection and competition. The ancestors of these sports, martial arts has no rules, protection or contests. Therefore, attitudes, skills and approach is different and, ultimately, their goals are completely different. Considering that the sport-oriented martial arts to give professionals the chance to prove themselves and their skills with other martial arts on the other hand can only fight with them and any real confrontation with another person, resulting in serious damage to a two or both. Martial arts are more realistic that the sport-oriented because of their different objectives. So let's concentrate on them. Those who say that are very effective in real cases. Careful with the things of war that would claim to be martial arts (apparently outside the martial arts) but surrounded by a veil of mysticism and special powers. (These powers may exist, but accompanied by a special character) The martial things are easy to recognize, no intense physical training, a lot of talk Ki, their teachers and instructors participate only in training, which requires many years of practice to develop the mental powers. During these many years, "he was brainwashing and teaching the mystical martial art yourself to others so that the next generation of" flow kas "To get to the reality of the street ... The other risk factor is the teacher. as a rule can say its R-factor for the conduct of its Male. The most macho acts, if not in possession of R-factor. His macho behavior tells you everything. Why we need a teacher to act macho? Who does or has something to prove? What do you have to prove? If your good techniques that speak for themselves, there is no need to try this for people with little or no experience. Or maybe he should show that poor students is the best? (Note that there is always someone better than you) That the weakest points of a character, rather than a teacher of martial arts teachers are very professional and excellent teachers, but I feel the urge to test the affection of their techniques. This is very understandable and, unfortunately, this happens often. How else can you find out if your techniques are good? The problem is not that they want to test their skills, but the fact that there are students who used to do this .. Students who are already convinced of the affection of the techniques and impressed the teachers tend not to resist the techniques. Of course, that the techniques will work perfect. If the courage to resist that there are 2 options: 1) the technique works. 2) the technique must be enforced. This is due to a technical quality that makes the drainage. When you use a lot of technical physical force may be forced to a weak opponent, but only for technical competence in higher education to be able to execute his technique to the whole world. A perfect technique requires a balanced use of skill, speed and force.There need not be a superman to be a great teacher. The best way to test their techniques to do so with someone of the same skill level / grade. This is true both for students and teachers. They have leaed a lot from this type of training. How can we bring the R-factor in his training as a student? One problem is the large number of techniques that are in the system Genbukan Ninpo Bugei. We have over 300 technicians from 10 kyu to 1 dan. How to deal with this? First, you must understand that, as you kyu grade are leaing to read and write, so to speak. (Kyu waza), some of waza kyu are removed from their context, another aspect in some cases, unnecessary. Others look old and the last group of techniques appear to be very effective. What train? The answer is simple: All the techniques must be trained ... Old and useless that you try to teach the concepts or techniques that move as a result has been very important in their formation. Effective techniques may have 15 or 20 and the techniques of repeating a thousand times until it becomes a reflex. This is what I call your F.H.T.C. box (first aid, in some cases) the basic form of training, even if it is not enough. Try different techniques. Against a body grabs, wrist grabs, attacking from different sides, in the ground or sitting on a chair. etc. .. Soon it will be very good at defending themselves. However, a waing is in place here: Training can be done only under a master instructor with many years of experience. If I have enough with 20 technical, why should I train hundreds of techniques? Since the techniques are not the final goal. These are just a way to ... We used the same way they use mathematical formulas to solve complex problems and reach the essence of the technique. 20 These techniques do not save against a specialist. Especially if you do not understand the principles behind each technique. Ma-ai, metsuke, kuzushi, etc. .. are just some of them to lea the technique and each word will teach you much about the essence of combat. They need to discover what a good teacher and a lot of matches and training. 3 hours / week is not enough. You need to practice every day to discover the secrets of the techniques within. Each finding will make the R-factor goes up. During all these centuries, is the way of war has changed dramatically, but the fight, man to man is always the same fight. A punch is a punch and a kick a football. Not grow 3 arms or legs suddenly. The same principles and concepts found in the century of water and man to man fight is still real and very effective. The world is changing, but the man is always the same man who was 2000 years ago.

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