Monday, August 24, 2009

The One Piece Takeaway In Your Golf Swing PT 2

The One Piece Takeaway In Your Golf Swing PT 2 Images and video clips are for this part on my website at: The One-Piece Takeaway Movement This is a brief summary of what is in my teaching modules. (Note: the references are to the right hand golfers. I'm left-handed golfers, myself. Ricordiamo left to the right place, even if it is a Lefty.) You have your position in your golf-ball, in a comfortable posture, and is now ready for the first move for the club from your golf ball, the launch of the first step is the right shoulder and arm back to the area --- right heel in a straight line. The completion of this phase you will be able to provide evidence: * The front of the shoulder is closely in line with the right foot. * Your shoulder blades with green or channels in which your ball will land. * During this movement, the only action that your attitude angle. * You must be the position of the arms to your body and hands to the forearms. * There should be no lateral movement of arms, which is on. * There must be no more tuing hands. * There must be "mirror" or "went" hands on the wrists in the first part of this movement. A common command to start the takeaway is to make the movement with the left arm and left. Little thought is on the right side. The right side is out of the way to the left of the bow in a simple way and under the chin. And guess what? Correctly Pull your right shoulder back on the right heel is comfortable creating your left shoulder under the chin, with no hard drive activity. So how has the right to pull the rear, as mentioned above? First, a practice. 1. Stand up right. (Do this in front of a mirror, if possible.) 2nd Put your hands on the shoulders to prevent movement of the arm. 3rd Study your whole body. 4th Pull your right shoulder to get back on your right heel. 5th It is necessary that the weight of your body about halfway between the right hip and your tailbone. 6. The front of both shoulders should be a good start. Do you have references, that the muscles, this movement? No! OK, repeat the movement upward. As soon as you start the movement to try to identify which muscles pull the shoulder and armpit area. Still can not figure out which muscles are involved? E 'part of the large back muscles, where it goes beyond the scope of the right kidney. At least you feel more stressed at this point of the back muscles. Your back muscles are very powerful --- if it grows larger and therefore enhanced aggressive. Efforts in these muscles on the right shoulder toward the rear is not much. In my classes I have with any number of one twentieth of their power. This is the only movement to know what you have to do "one piece takeaway". In photos and video on my website you can see how my upper body reacts to the movements described. The One-Piece Takeaway movement - posture-1. Set up in your normal posture when addressing the golf ball. 2nd Put your hands on the front of the shoulder. 3rd Study your whole body. 4th Please note that your spine is now on the diagonal. 5th Pull back the right shoulder on the right just above the heel. 6. But, because your spine is bent toward the right shoulder up, as it moves backward arms. 7th Feel arc left shoulder forward and under the chin area. 8th As above, the arms do not move the situation, your body to support the proposal again. 9th It is necessary that the weight of the body midway between the right hip and your tailbone. This reversal of attitude must be feeling good. You should not feel quetsch and everything is on your page or the back area. Summary Please note that the movement or you can take on the move, then the more problems you have tried all these movements together. You can do this. But you need to practice more frequently. If you can lea, most of your take-away with a movement to make it easier to have a good golf swing with less practice.

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