Monday, August 24, 2009

What is Jug Fishing

What is Jug Fishing Jug fishing is just a tool of setting a lot of hooks in the water, most with more bait. This method of fishing is more likely that the fish channel catfish and blue catfish, but many states allow jug fishing for many species of fish. Jug fishing is great fun and very entertaining family activities. Fishing pitchers is a good way to make children interested in fishing and their interest, because it is very fast and not to sit and wait, so there is always something happening to the children's interest! If jug fishing, fishing is a simple device, called together a jug line (this is a very different regional areas of the country, may be called several things, including the line pitcher, jugging, fishing jugs, cups) . A pitcher is a great swimmer, a piece of line running from float fishing to the lake with hooks running on this line. It works similar to the concept of a trotline. If you love the bait and put them in different areas, waiting for the fish to come and bite, and then collect your fishing jugs, and re-bait and your fish from the line pitcher. Jug fishing is very popular and a great method of fishing for novice and experienced fishermen. It is not uncommon to catch catfish, jug fishing, when in a very short period, and hundreds or trophy size blue catfish caught every year by fishermen pitcher. Blue catfish that weight 30-50 pounds are very common when jug fishing, and there is no fish on a regular basis, which is even bigger than this! WARNING: If you want the Jugs Jugs by Bert unattended in water for a long period of time and because his pitcher on the flip side red, so you know, may be a fish pitcher in May race other fishermen, the fish are Tankards on them, and you can get your pitcher of fish and for you.

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