Thursday, August 27, 2009

The characteristics of a good coach

The characteristics of a good coach As a coach is easy. But a good coach is another matter entirely. The offer requires a lot of ads from certain psychological characteristics. If a coach is to be successful, it is easy to show the following characteristics: discipline has 1.Knows Coaching is trivial, but the coach needs to know ins and out of the discipline - the rules, history, tactics, etc. Without he can not do their job properly and probably soon lose face, if you start making mistakes. 2nd Motivated players This is probably the most important characteristic of a good coach. Without the right motivation, beyond everything. Remember that a coach needs a team of people, all with different personal goals. The technician job is to motivate the players enough that they begin to do things as best they can, and their attention from the private business in the field. 3rd The talks will be the results if only a good coach can not speak without good thing. If you talk too much, that will never really be heard, so that a coach is a person who speaks only when necessary - these are their words, an additional weight. 4th You can listen in silence, as usual also means that a coach should be a good listener. If you become a good coach, they need to become a substitute for the father or mother for their team and listening is the most important characteristic, which make it possible. 5th He knows his team Another important issue is to know a team. And not only by adjusting their numbers with names. A good coach knows everything - even on the private life and professional operators. 6. Although all treated individually (or so) A good trainer should always know and do their best to make the whole place, you must treat every player individually. Just a few of them shouting the same story with talking seriously. By the same method to do everything that is said to be late in some of your players in pieces. 7th Leads by example The last but not least: a good coach all I can ask others to do so. You will always be a model - are primarily the implementation of training and exercise each other to do so.

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