Friday, August 21, 2009

The Ironman Triathlon What Your Fear Factor

The Ironman Triathlon What Your Fear Factor What makes you fear for your next Ironman race? What's your fear factor? To fit as a person who, in the first career Ironman, the fear factor equation, as the big day creeps ever closer. As cool and confident, as many participants may appear, there is almost always something that is filled with some conce and fear. For many, the fear factor is overwhelming self-doubt are asking what did they come by. Almost as a sub from a high cliff. Once you decide, there is no tuing back. After all, everyone in your circle of friends, relatives and employees to know everything about them. For months they looked like themselves in the middle of the Ironman preparation. How you can go back and people who have, as you prepared for the race of your life? Well, some people can and again. I remember a story in the early 80's who are in the Hawaii Ironman. As the story continues ........ At the end of the swimming portion of the race and the athletes were in progress, it was found that a missing person. In other words, someone who was swimming has not yet arrived. Apparently they tried the whole course with the underwater search for the missing swimmers and feared the worst. As far as the missing swimmer has never had water. He decided that he was left and the transition area and went to breakfast at a local restaurant. When you are back on his career, someone has asked that the commotion was, therefore, much to the relief of all conceed, the mystery was solved. The lesson here --- If it is decided, by an Ironman race, make sure that the organizers know as soon as possible! The focus on you and your safety. It appears that swimming is particularly worrying for many first time Ironman athletes. People have leaed that, in tears on the shore, able to swim to participate long after the gun sounded. Some were bland in water by volunteers, and, finally, only the good. Usually, only a few hundred meters in swimming, the nervousness disappears and resolve in the race. In my first Ironman in Hawaii, I can never forget the incredible euphoria in tents after the passage of swimming. More than anything, I think it was relief, because for many, including myself, a major obstacle has been removed. For me that day, there was nothing that I cross the finish line, after having conquered the swim. There was no doubt the water so my fear factor. I think most people believe that their first Ironman runners are. Bikedi also very good in everyone of us has one or the other in their lives, but few have actually had the opportunity or reason to swim in open water. So it is obvious that a lot of first time Ironman triathletes will be extremely conceed about the Ironman swim. Some I suspect that the bicycle. Perhaps the steep hills or bike to many others give cause for conce. At least cycling and running you have complete control. You can stop or slow down. I think its fair to say that, in the pool, when half a mile offshore, we are well kept. Personally, I believe that much of the fear factor grows on all the percentage of race is close. Ironman preparation is much more than swimming, biking, running. In addition, you must prepare mentally. If you start to have doubts about his ability, or if the fear of failure are starting to go, time to step back and reflect on what you have come. It may not seem like the days of racing, as they are surrounded by hundreds of athletes, but also in the great scheme of things, few people in the world that always tries to do what you are. Believe in your training, and preparedness. If the fear factor is overwhelming, as the race is close --- if your bike or swim or just the fear I do not remember --- there are hundreds of other athletes who share the same view as you race moing. This is one of the things that makes Ironman so surprising. They are all on the same jouey together. The goal is common. And 'this spirit come together to help calm the fear factor, and it takes all day. You will understand what I mean when you first Ironman race was held days. There are many thousands of volunteers and thousands of spectators and friends and family who have a role in your exciting jouey. They are behind you, if your greatest fear is if you doubt, the inspiration and strength, if your tires. They are truly amazing, just to the line of the Ironman Triathlon. Just to get this far, you can create a complete success, so how can you possibly not? You must remove the doubts that have been found on the beach at Ironman moing launch. You are in better conditions of life and the admiration of all around you in the preparation of the most experienced in your life. If your first attempt at Ironman, the god of iron Kona, the meeting place of scorching lava fields of King K. Highway smile upon you soon and welcome in the most beautiful family on Earth.

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