Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tournament Standard GPS and Sonar Fishfinder Balance Tournament 6800

Touament Standard GPS and Sonar Fishfinder Balance Touament 6800 The final touament of 6800 is an incredible machine. This allows you to do what a person can not do so. Anyone looking for a technological system to add to their gear should take into account the 6800 touament. If you are serious about their sport fish that need to read our review. First, the 6800 can remotely control up to six Cannon Mag 20 DT downriggers. Mounts for your boat for use outside of the hands. This means that the control rod position. It is to follow the outline below and keep your weight as you want. You can cycle up and down on his Mag 20 DT downriggers easily. You can also do this pose all sizes and downriggers at the same time. This is how to get there in six feet of you, and control their lines. It 'possible that in many places at once? Imagine how efficient that will make you fish. But no more. May be related to the autopilot system and then steer the boat to the waypoint on your GPS or GPS routes. It 'also a close-up, no problem mapping the GPS system. Built using a GPS receiver with 1000 waypoints, 1000 event markers and 100 routes with 20 waypoints per route. Well, all this breaks down to the control unit, while his work on board ships will sit down and relax. Yes, we believe that this unity is to love it! The screen is clear, strong, and provides images that you need to see clearly. One of the best on the market, indeed. You can see everything there is to see so you can adjust what you need. You will be able to locate the fish, and both sides of your boat, which allows you to have more chances to catch the fish. And you can do all this and more with the balance of the 6800 touament. In fact, not only to all other units to improve your fishing experience. This is simply a must for any sports touament that wants to increase its chances of reward.

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