Sunday, October 4, 2009

The smell of the sixteen

The smell of the sixteen Yes, there are 16. 16 teams left in the Men's college basketball NCAA touament, Big East is.The that began with 8 teams and 4, two # 1 seeds remain, Villanova and UConn. Georgetown and West Virginia continue to give, as a good opportunity to send one team to the final Four.You have love for George Mason and Wichita State, two teams that have shocked everyone. Well, maybe not themselves. Known as the "Shockers" Wichita State is not playing the role of Patsy compatible and works on both. No, last year launched two final four teams to get here. Interestingly, George Mason and Wichita State will face later this week in a rematch of a game won by GM Shockers at the court house early in the season. Therefore, a Cinderella team is guaranteed to make the round of 8 because of the quota. Pretty cool, huh? I like Bradley, the Cinderella team of 3 who is still alive. Have left a great team of advance.Hey Pitt, what happens to the Big Ten? Six groups of six teams and now ... to reflect badly on the prestige of the conference, do not you think? Copyright 2006? Please visit Matt? S Músicos relaxed a blog managed by Matt Keegan, The Article Writer.

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