Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eriksson has not been misled or

Eriksson has not been misled or England? S football team coach Sven-Göran Eriksson, was caught out for signs of a news reporter. More than this? Interview, "Eriksson said that if England won the World Cup in 2006, left his job and find a new Aston Villa manager if adopted by a rich benefactor, despite having a valid contract until 2008. As if that was not? It is not enough, he also mentioned some names like David Beckham, which according to Eriksson could play in Premier asked if a. The football coach has also said that striker Michael Owen was unhappy at Newcastle, lazy defender Rio Ferdinand and striker Wayne Rooney may have been a boxer like his father. Two senior sources connected to the Football Association has said that if the revelations that have emerged after the World Cup and not before, that the reaction would have been different. Instead, Eriksson was asked to give an explanation of telephone and personally involved. Eriksson said he had "no problem" with the star of their football, and insists that it is not embarrassed, but his assistant Tord Grip admitted the expose had come as a shock to his Swedish colleague.

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