Monday, February 1, 2010

What should know Golfer Home Putting Greens

What should know Golfer Home Putting Greens What should know Golfer Home Putting Greens As we say goodbye to 3 and 4 putts? Practice, practice, practice. The key to improving your short game is to start practice. But where? You can easily practice at home putting green and can also increase the value of your home. If you're thinking of installing a putting green, there are several factors to consider. Your laptop in green? Distribution green come in various sizes. The dimensions are 2 'x 6', 3 'x 12' and 6 'x 15'. Some have a cup of regulation, while others have a small cup size regulation, which increased its attention. Some have a ball retu. You want to install the green inside or outside? Inside, there are a small practice green, indoor and largest deployment green. Great cover can be as large as 12 'x 30'. Open-air can be as large as you want. What's your budget? Roll-out green can be found in a wide range of prices from $ 20 to $ 300. Larger inner green could cost up to $ 700. When you start putting green outdoors, we are talking about costs per square foot for all the materials - the green and the base material layer. What material for your green? Synthetic greens are inside, of course. When you are considering putting outdoors, green, you have a choice of materials. Your choice is natural grass or an artificial turf. At first glance one might think that all the grass might be better. Think again, though. If you choose the grass, it will take time to maintain the green. The question is, could be quite cutting, watering, feeding and weeding or do? As most golfers to choose, we are talking about the green man. Artificial putting green outdoor putting green with an artificial, maintenance is minimal, which means more time to putt. The synthetic fibers are manufactured to resist fading and mats. There are two popular UV-treated materials: nylon and polypropylene turf grass. Nylon turf is easier to maintain than grass polyropylene. Fibers spring back is a real shot at the glass ball. Nylon turf is also more dense turf in polypropylene. Polypropylene grass fill sand needed to maintain the fiber in a vertical position. During installation, the sand extends from the top of the polypropylene surface and brushing the grass with a broom. Since the sand can take away from time to time, you will need to add more sand. Putting green outdoors also require a base of stone or cement. The mugs are of concrete in place. Regarding drainage, sewerage synthetic turf on turf, not through it. The drainage must be provided. How fast is your outdoor green? Another decision that is green in relation to speed. Stimp measures how fast is the green. You can get your speed green suits your local course or a course of championship. In general, the addition of sand to the synthetic green makes them faster. Will Do-It-Yourself? You can buy a kit to install yourself green. Many are equipped with video instruction. Depending on the size and design, you may need help in installing the green. Once his new green is installed, you can enjoy hours of practice, the mass and improve your golf game. On a resource site putting green, visit

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