Monday, February 22, 2010

The Next Killer Flu Can We Stop It

The Next Killer Flu Can We Stop It Flu season is just around the coer again. But this time, it can be disguised as a serial killer. It is deeply conceed that a new influenza killer, nicknamed "bird - flu, able to cope with the normal flu and kill millions of people. This is how Robert Webster of St. Jew Children's Research Hospital in Memphis characterstic influenza killer - and noted that Dr. Webster has studied the influence over the past 40 years: "This virus is probably zero the worst influenza virus, and high pathogenicity, which I have never seen o. "Experts in the field of public health, including those at the World Health Organization, the fear of a catastrophe. In preparation, the United States has 2.3 million doses of an antiviral called Tamiflu. " 2.3 million for a country of 300 million euros. However, the U.S. has decided that all their chips on an experimental vaccine, a vaccine that is based on an initial capital of bird flu, experts agree that most, has already mutated into something very different, and This means that if bird flu is here, can not be applied to all vaccines. The striking fact of this new virus of bird flu, as science does not know much about. The mystery remains about how people become infected. E 'by breathing the air in the vicinity of sewage? Duck meat to eat? Touching? Nobody really knows. Meanwhile, health authorities for the slaughter of chickens infected with the experiment in genetic variation and run computer simulations to control the panic. It 'clear that hospitals and first responders are completely overwhelmed, as mortuaries. If you're not afraid, at this point, then take a moment to read the cover article in the October 2005 issue of National Geographic. Studying these photos. Analyze tables and graphs. Then ask yourself, what are the chances of a deadly virus has hit my city, my family this season? Right now, 10% said the chance to seek the murderess you.

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