Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top College Football plays for the week

Top College Football plays for the week 1) Ok, 59 may still be due to a matchbook -115, WSEX exchange. He went and grabbed it. Both the defense looked strong at 1st Quarter of their repective games last week. Michigan is much more physical in Pittsburgh, and will be playing and not the nature of the Panthers have. Michigan D struggled with mobile QB like Troy Smith and Vince Young, but this is not so much a problem with Brady Quinn, who is a classic drop back passer. On the other hand, Michigan has some nice weapons Hart, Avant and Breaston, Carr, but it's still a tough guy who loves to run. These two offenses control the ball longer than you think. I think the Irish can do against this offensive. Weis said that intersect in penalties, however. My project involves a total closer to 48, I see some of these units are stalled, and both teams have chosen to settle for field goal attempts a handful of times. I give Michigan a slight edge here, but not the 7 in Casa Grande. There was no pulling of ND SU win. Regular: Michigan / Notre Dame IN 59 2) Top Play: Iowa -8 1 / 2 out of Iowa State defense that is the difference, namely the Iowa defense. Just do not see this club Cyclones can create a lot of game playing, and I know that their QB Meyer can not be this team to victory at this point. Are usually conservative, with nearly twice on the road, especially in a rivalry game. But the talent gap is between these two teams in comparison to previous years. Ferentz has this program for one of the most talented in the country. Yes, sometimes overhyped, but this is because they take care of the teams in these situations. Even if Iowa State is a great NORTH 12 aspirants, are not close to one of the best teams in this conference. Iowa, on the other hand, is in Premier League is probably the most difficult conference in the NCAA. Drew Tate is the real deal at QB, and he is even more dangerous, because it now has a healthy back, shoulder charge. I expect the O-line to knock the Iowa Iowa St defending the ball all day. Give me the best team on both sides of the ball, the quarterback more effective, better and more teams coach. I see very little that impresses me here at Iowa State, unless they play for their hard McCaey. You have to allow them an ugly defensive battle to stay close, why are not the firepower to move up and down the field against this defense. Doubts. Top Play: Iowa -8 1 / 2

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