Friday, February 12, 2010

The ultimate experience of skiing

The ultimate experience of skiing   Downhill skiing offers the ultimate powder ski - experience. For most skiers however, good? Powder? is a rare and fleeting pleasure. Ski areas in some geographic areas enjoy often? Powder day? but in most areas, the powder is rare and the dryness and depth of snow is often marginal. In most ski areas too, such as dust does not occur, it's just a matter of hours, before it is fully "covered", and a comb to be beaten. Only a few animals who presides over the first race of the moing, the last race of the day, in a deep, consistent, correct, Untracked snow. Oh joy! For years, Avid? Powder dogs? the management of the backcountry skiing the powder is among remote alpine peaks, far from crowded ski areas. Many enjoy the peace and quiet of ski mountaineering and skiing, and move at a speed which by their own physical fitness and endurance. Ski enthusiasts are usually young and fit, very experienced and competent background in travel. They are well equipped and self-contained. Others who may be less suitable, or only for a limited period of time, but rather enjoy? deep pockets? hinterland have helicopter skiing. For about $ 1000 a day, Heli-operators offer small groups guided competent huge skiing on pristine slopes, high mountain. Guests stay in comfortable hotels and spend their days, shuttled back and forth with their guides, with each fresh Untracked on a slope. Helicopters are very expensive and need to fly. Many operators have a ski machine between different groups. Heli-Skiing ha? Questions?. Are there? After days? Storms, when the flies impossible, is the need for economic efficiency and is always the risk of back-country skiing: avalanche. Avalanche risk depends on many factors, and a lot of special training and experience is needed to assess the risks. All reputable backcountry operators highly qualified guides to accompany their guests. Guide to select and secure ski up the hill. In the days of unstable weather or snow, mountain guides in the month of May in order to avoid the areas and their groups of "skiing the trees?. Ski-Tree is a device for mechanized backcountry skiing and even by some skiers to open? Alps? Sci tree skiing is often the deepest and lightest snow, regardless of wind or sun. In recent years, a new type of mechanized backcountry ski operator has emerged. Snowcat snowcat operators use for transporting skiers and snowboarders in the high inland regions. Snowcats are comfortable cabin, 12 seats that usually clients and two guides. Of course, snow is much slower than helicopters. They are also much cheaper and visitors can expect to pay between $ 500 and $ 600 per day, including transport, accommodation, meals, and leadership. Snow slowly, as can be, most clients receive and wear them every day just as much skiing as their group. The great advantage is that the cat-skiing? You? Day almost never occur. Customers ski every day and bad weather can often be more good snow. Cat skiing is more relaxed? After the back? heliski like, because there is no need for equipment between groups or equipment in order to maximize its use. Cat skiing is very? Customer-friendly?. Each group has its own car, and moves in a group? s pleasure. Weaker skiers can easily and not feel? pushed?. Snow, relatively quiet, relaxed environment in which the jouey back hill can be almost as much fun as the race to the bottom. The guests are seated in different places each. Is this possible? unbutton ", dry, warm-up, Converse, share jokes and bad navigation on the rolls, biscuits, cakes and drinks. If a guest gets tired, it's easy? sit? run and drive until the next pick-up with the CAT driver. Heli-skiing is much less geographically limited snow. This allows a greater opportunity to find? Great snow?. However, there is a drawback. Because this is an area much larger heli-operators may sometimes be less familiar with changing snow conditions and risk factors of snowcat operators who work in a protected area. Snowcat operators increased use of a small area to know very well. Snowcat have easy access to their land with snowmobile and snow can test measures and slope stabilization, which are much more difficult and costly for the helicopter operators. Most snowcat operators have ample terrain constantly customers with good snow conditions, even in times of drought, and to ensure that clients exhaust themselves every day. Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges Ltd. operates in an area of 130 sq km and ski between the elevations of 4900ft and 9500 ft. Monashee Powder Adventures (Tsuius) advertises for an area of 66 km square meters and is one of the heights of 7800 m, 3000 m Baldface Lodge uses more than 140 km ². Guests need not worry about the management of the site! Snow offers a wonderful holiday for the intermediate and advanced players alike. Individuals, families, groups of friends, business partners can be? Travel to remember?. Operators with remote hotels offer genuine? Hinterland? Experiences, usually with good food and comfortable accommodation. The Chatter News photo joual (it has over 350 photos of skiing and the site of Chatter Creek. Refer Article ski Cat Gallery (For a look at the snow.

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