Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waiting for Take Off

Waiting for Take Off E? It is not too often that is played on a team needs a 43-year-old pitcher to have a legitimate shot at the playoffs, Clemens, but is not a pitcher, which is often. At 42, he established one of his best seasons in his illustrious 22-year career by going 13-8 with a 1.87 ERA, the cancellation of 185 bodies and 62 feet in only 211.3 sleeves. While Chris Carpenter won the Cy Young of the National League last season (Clemens finished in third place behind Carpenter and Dontrelle Willis), 2005 was one of his three or four best seasons of his career (his best of 2004, where he won the Cy Young Award). His 1008 was second best WHIP of his career (only beaten in 1986), his 1.87 ERA was the best of his career, and his 44 eaed runs allowed was the best of his career with a minimum 100 Acute bat towers. He was 42. Clemens tired in the stretch. He worked his way through the playoffs, at 4.3, while helping the Astros as a guide to the World Series. It 'clear that Clemens had used, and an injured Clemens has posted a 13.50 ERA in his only exit from the Astros were swept by the Chicago White Sox. Clemens was not hurt and tired, history will remember the 2005 season a little 'different. Without Clemens, this season, Houston is winning games by crushing the ball, which is not that something? Stros are accustomed. They are second in the National League in team average, fourth in home runs, tied for second in the short scored, and second in OPS. This is largely the same team that finished in all these categories in 2005. Even if Roy Oswalt continues to prove that he is an ace pitcher, Brandon Backe and was surprised at first, Andy Pettitte has struggled to a 1-2, 6.35 ERA start. Wandy Rodriguez has started well, but it is a boy who came from the bullpen, ideally. Ezequiel Astacio, the Astros? Emergency start of playoffs in 2005, was even pathetic in its two aspects of this season. The presence of Clement allows everyone to move to a place in the rotation: Oswalt becomes # 2, Pettitt become No. 3, No Backe is 4, then the choice between Astros Rodriguez, Astacio, Taylor Buchholz or fifth. The rotation is to be the second best in their division (behind the Cardinals? Deep rotation) to become the best rotation in the game, simply by the addition of Clemens. Assuming that the Cardinals activate it, because they are able to do, assuming that the Mets continue to play baseball, while spectacular Braves play their normal brand of ball sound? The Astros have Clemens without difficulty to win the Wild Card The offense is not good enough, and pitching is not deep enough. The possibility still exists, of course, that Clemens will rejoin the Astros in May, this period is due to the fact that the Astros have not Clemens arbitration. There are other teams, but less realistic, in the mixture. The Red Sox have spoken with Clemens, but here? S certainly have never seen Clemens in a Red Sox uniform. E 'terribly difficult to cross a river, when you've just bued every bridge that brings the other side. The Texas Rangers are also interested and seem more than willing to pay money to get Clemens to pitch in Arlington. It is not clear that these feelings Clemens alteative, but the step for the Rangers to meet the obligation to stay close to home. The Yankees have been called, but Clemens left the Yankees to go home, it is unlikely that Clemens could leave the house to retu to the Yankees. Furthermore, Clemens? leaving the Astros for one of these groups to leave a bad taste in many people? s mouth. Clemens was from Houston especially for the Astros. He wanted to be near his home, near his family and to spend more time outside the party, while in competition. In other words, when he was paid the highest salary of his career ($ 18 million in 2005), Clemens was not about the money. The man has $ 121 million during his career in the only treatment. If you are the last Yankee hired gun, would be a terrible act of many, many people. No, the only place where you really only Clemens in Houston. And even if there was some tension on the Astros? not wait for Clemens? decision about retirement and do not offer him arbitration, it is clear that Clemens would retu to Houston in May, after the first month of the season. Clemens will continue to rest, the whole month of April, especially the addition of one month for its strength and efficiency in 2006, assuming he is fully healed (and after a 1-1, 2.08 ERA, 0, 81 WHIP in two starts in March's World Baseball Classic, it is reasonable to assume that is the same rocket). For Houston, the equation is simple: it is equal to Clemens another trip deep into the playoffs, and Clemens can not say all of the playoffs in 2005? S National League Champions.

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