Sunday, November 15, 2009

The History of Pool and Billiards

The History of Pool and Billiards E 'la piscina? E 'pool? What is this I'm just a green felt table that reminds me of a smooth, clipped lawns, conveniently situated in the side? The similarity is not coincidental. It 'almost certain that you know the game, especially in the United States and Canada as a? Pool? almost certainly made a game outdoors. Games were played with sticks and balls in every size and type, as in the past have been the record. Shakespeare, of which the game of billiards in Anthony and Cleopatra. But something that we would recognize today, like a pool game probably evolved first in the early 19th Century in France and moved quickly to England and other countries. The French origin is derived principally because of the word? Billiards? itself. The French word? Billart? refers to a kind of stick or club, similar to today? s Golf Club and is thought to have led, even in the mode swimming pool cue.In the U.S. conditions? Pool? e? Billiards? o? Pocket Billiards? essentially the same thing depending on the area of the country. In Great Britain and the Netherlands the word? Billiards? refers to games with rules. The game in Britain is usually called? English Billiards? and the Netherlands Carambole billiards? abridged? Billiards? but not used, as in the United States, usually refers to any game where the balls hit in the pocket on a table with a cue stick. The game came to the United States in the early history of the country, but in reality just like in a sport seriously, when a man named Michael Phelan came from Ireland in 1850 and began writing on it, the design and 'organizing touaments tables. As a generalization, the word? Pool? Conceptualized as a common man? s term for billiard and this time we are on another sport, where people often wager their hard eaed money, horse racing! In the first incaation of Off-Track Betting to meet men in a room together and make their money (or? Pool? IT) to find out what the rate would be. Of course, these places are known as? Pool Houses. To entertain people, and expects to start running these rooms usually had pool tables. So interesting, the name of the area came first the name of the game! Today the game has a wide reputation. Some people think of it (and here we would call them? Pool? Not? Billiards?) Goes as a pastime for people who should be their time to better use, not to mention the money lost betting on the game. Just think of Professor Harold Hill, The Music Man song preaches against? Trouble with a capital letter T, and rhymes with P and that stands for POOL! He was charged by an entire country for their children from the temptation of tawdry profession. On the other hand, the inteational pool touaments are now followed avidly by people in all walks of life and prices running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hardly a waste of time for those receiving low levels of this game! Sam Jones is a member of the team of writers writing Shack.

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