Sunday, November 22, 2009

The history of tennis

The history of tennis Un po 'di tennis history any tennis beginners should know.For any future athlete that intends to introduce a new activity, knowing a little' history of the sport is always a good idea.Ball games can be used for hundreds and thousands of years . Usually played for entertainment or for religious ceremonies, ball games became highly popular in countless civilizations worldwide. European monks probably the game of tennis. The players quickly discovered that instead of hitting the ball surface of the walls, have a better control on their hands. A leather glove is designed first, and not long after, a first handle on the racket. How is the racket, balls, which were used. A type bouncier stuffed with bran material replaces the first primitive wooden balls. The game was very popular in monasteries across Europe during the 14th Century. At a time when the Church of the ban on game.In1874, Mayor Walter C. Wingfield patented in London, equipment and rules for a game very similar to mode tennis. That same year, the first courts in the United States. By the following year, equipment sets had been sold for use in Russia, India, Canada and China.Croquet is very popular in this period, and the smooth croquet courts are readily adaptable for tennis. Wingfield original court is shaped like an hourglass, closer to the network, and was shorter than the mode court. Its provisions have been considerable criticism, and revised in 1875, but soon left the further development of the game others.In 1877, the All England Club, the first Wimbledon touament, and his touament committee is rectangular, with a judge and a set of rules that, in essence, the game as we know it today. The net was still five feet high at the sides, a transfer from the game of indoor ancestor, and the service boxes were 26 meters deep, but since 1882, the specifications had been on their current growth continues form.The and tennis Championships in 1927 saw the first radio broadcast of an event in tennis. This increased his popularity even more, in 1930 the game is very popular by British stars such as Fred Perry and Don Budge and Inteational Champions such as Henri Lacoste. You'll notice that photos of tennis fashion were a little 'different in those days! Long pants are the order of the day for men and women has been long and clothing trends stockings.Fashion was a development in their own right and Bunny Austin from the USA shocked the crowds in 1933 when he was the first player to Center Court wearing shorts! 1930 was the boom-time Wimbledon and the year 1937, the championship was broadcast on radio for the first time. This was an important event, the introduction of tennis really world.Throughout years 1970 and 1980, the game was dominated by the new legion of inteational players and the public were as Bjö Borg, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. In the ladies game stars such as Sue Barker, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, Lloyd filled the courts with fans. Britain is particularly ladies player was Virginia Wade, the last Brit to win the championship in 1977. The prize money is gone, as the edge of the players wear! In 1986 the Championships adopted yellow tennis balls for the first time - in part to the speeding balls more visible for television cameras.Gavin Dye is the author of "Tennis for All-A Beginners Guide to Tennis". hours on-line on its website

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