Saturday, November 28, 2009

The NBA needs to change is now playoff format

The NBA needs to change is now playoff format A great thing, and NBA Commissioner David Ste is laying down their game. Case in question? In 2003, the NBA has changed the first round of the playoffs from a best-of-five-game series to a best-of-seven, in order to ensure that the best team forward. Therefore, it is amazing spirit of asking why have not the playoff format in order to take account of how this season debacles. When one does not have a fast sports fan arriving in the ranking in 2006 Weste Conference playoff bracket and then would head the new disbelief. The Dallas Mavericks had the best second conference 60-22, three games behind conference-leading San Antonio. The Denver Nuggets were 44-38, 19 games behind San Antonio. But come playoff time were the Nuggets # 3, while the Mavericks were the seed # 4 seed. All Dallas, because it randomly in the same division of San Antonio and in the first three seeds have division winners. Now, Dallas and San Antonio in the second round of playoffs against the Weste Conference Championship, where the two best teams should be meeting. To retu to the chaos, the # 6 seed LA Clippers had a better record than the # 3 seed Nuggets. Therefore, in the first round of the series # 6 seed had the advantage of home court! This is because the NBA, the team with the best coverage of the home court advantage ... but not the higher seed. E 'useful? If you have to reward division winners with the top three seeds, it should not be rewarded with home court advantage? Or you can pay only the teams with the best when the home advantage and the higher court of seeds! This is not rocket science Mr Ste. If this is not embarrassing enough, at the end of the regular season, the NBA was with the worst possible scenario for a sporting event? a game in which it was best for each team to lose. The # 5 seed Memphis Grizzlies played the # 6 seed Clippers with the losers, the inside information on the # 6 seed and home court advantage in the first round. The winner will be the # 5 seed and a date with the Mavericks in the first round. The Clippers? Lost? the game and went for the # 6 seed, home-court advantage, and a relatively easy win, the Nuggets in the first round. The Grizzlies? He won? the game, the # 5 seed, and were promptly swept the playoffs with the top Mavericks. The NBA can not allow this to happen again. It is a shame for the game and sport for all things. It should never be a game where each team to lose interest. What offers? The simple and logical solution to this problem is to ensure that each division win a place in the playoff seed, but then the teams based on their records with the highest seed ever home court. All compounds in record time would be the division winner. This is still winning the division important? It guarantees you a spot in the playoffs and have the upper hand in the tie-breakers? but also ensures that the best teams for the best judge of seed and home advantage. I, however, the NCAA touament? The winners of the Big Ten or ACC is not a guarantee of a set of seeds, which guarantees a place in the touament. Here is what the seeds appeared this year: 1 * San Antonio (63-19) 2. * Phoenix (54-28) 3. * Denver (44-38) 4. Dallas (60-22) 5. Memphis (49-33) 6. LA Clippers (47-35) 7. LA Lakers (45-37) 8. Sacramento (44-38) * Division winners Here's what you looked like in my proposed system: 1 * San Antonio (63-19) 2. Dallas (60-22) 3. * Phoenix (54-28) 4. Memphis (49-33) 5. LA Clippers (47-35) 6. LA Lakers (45-37) 7. * Denver (44-38) 8. Sacramento (44-38) * Division Winners Amazing! The best teams actually the higher seed and home court advantage, while maintaining the importance of winning a division. This would prevent, Dallas and San Antonio plays in the second phase to ensure that Memphis would be home court advantage and not stopped playing Dallas, Denver and preventing the # 3 seed for the production of the division ... while all the integrity to win by a division of Denver # 7 seed at Sacramento for the recovery of their division. Please do the right thing for the next season, Mr. Ste and a system that is right for each team. Do not let this disaster, tu into the new BCS. Not always what you do? determine what is wrong.

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