Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Williams sisters

The Williams sisters March was a trying month for the famous dynamic duo of tennis, sisters Serena and Venus Williams. With the death of beloved relatives and wounded on the ground, the queens of the court are held together and continues to show a close, sisterly bond.On 23. Tue, Robert Maxfield, a member of the Crips, Gang, called non-compete in 2003 recording the pre-"sister Yetunde Price. Price Saturday in a car with her boyfriend when Maxfield has its life, presumably believing that the car is collected gang.Physically members of a rival, both sides had to strengthen their love for the game because of injuries to the court .   Distortion ligament Venus forced to withdraw from the Nasdaq 100 Open in Florida at the end of March, while Serena Williams bowed the Nasdaq Open in Miami due to a knee injury.While times are difficult, the sisters do not have to throw in the towel. The duo has become an element of success. You have 11 major singles titles between them.In 1999, became the first sisters to win a Grand Slam crown together in the 20th Century, winning the French Open doubles title, and have shared in the final of the U. S. Opened in 2001, marked in the history of the first sisters to have the final of a Grand Slam touament. The sisters are not shadows is in Hollywood's spotlight. They filmed their reality show Venus and Serena: For Real by 2005.Check Easy Baseball Betting for baseball is the best free handicap.

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