Tuesday, November 10, 2009

E 'was more than Coincidence Behind the Red Sox Losing Streak

E 'was more than Coincidence Behind the Red Sox Losing Streak Are perhaps the second baseball team of the most popular in America, some would say first, but the archrival New York Yankees May have a slight advantage over them in this department. Bo during the last years of the nineteenth century, the Boston Red Sox are a team of a past more colorful red? Sox? adoing their uniforms. A tangle of big names and big secrets, big wins and tough losses. E 'stato sacred ground Fenway Park on a firm green myth surrounding one of the greatest players to ever find a bat, Babe Ruth, was the first hatched.The Sox began their careers in a team with an impressive series of victories World Series, took home the honor of winning five times between 1903-1918. Yet, like a baseball bat cracked didn t seem to work for the team after this year and for the next four winds and for six consecutive years, the team would not be another World Series win.No wants to see their team lose, and the actors begin to Antsy if they continue to lose years, let alone decades. After a while 'time, it seems almost natural that the scapegoat is needed, someone for the big foam finger and led to this unfortunate losing strip.   In 1990, Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy was among the first to use the phrase that soon became synonymous with evil that had surrounded the Sox for so long, "the curse of the Bambino." Il Bambino (Italian for small children or infants) George Herman Ruth? s - better known as Babe Ruth? s - most famous nickname, and it seemed a little 'strange that the loss of natural sequence Sox has plagued so many taken on behalf of one of the most prolific players to ever swing bat.In 1918 (if the transaction is not finalized until 1920) then the owner of the Red Sox, Harry Frazee, sold Ruth to the Yankees, despite the fact that Babe was with the team for three of their five World Series victories. His team was in financial difficulties, and Frazee, whose first love was theater, it needs cold cash. Thus, in a move that many have speculated that he would always regret, Frazee sold Babe Ruth. His loss is undoubtedly the Yankee? S win.For the next four to six years vingts Sox, the victory will go to the World Series. When they came desperately close to cinching a victory in 1986, fans, players and owners were close to their breaking point. The team was loaded with great players this season, including Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens, in order to follow again their disappearance? something different from their archenemies the Yankees? People have begun to question seriously whether there was a curse that hangs over the team. A curse that dates all the way in which the era of Babe Ruth, was signed immediately. It seems that for some, maybe Ruth has Sox? Chance to win a world series with him. And only the thought that prompted the phrase "the curse of the Bambino" - a phrase that would become blurred by those who blame the idea of a curse for the team? S pain continues, and loathed by many who have seen the continuing loss as a result of the players? And the Sox management? capacity, not a Major League city legend.Yet if there was a basic dimension of the truth of the story or not, after six long eighties, without a victory in the series Boston Red Sox finally retued the title of their team. In 2004, during a total lunar eclipse of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Sox swept the victory in just four games, putting an end to persistent rumors and screaming that the team has actually been cursed by the likes of the end, the great Bambino. Well, that is, if the Sox? S continues to gain new opportunities as it century.Though hockey cites his favorite sport to watch, free-lance pro Candes Jessica want to write about sport in general, especially if there is a little 'conceed that the mystery of this article which looks like an urban legend surrounding the Boston Red Sox.

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