Saturday, November 14, 2009

The life of David Beckham

The life of David Beckham In this article, write the England and Real Madrid footballer David Beckham. Beckham no doubt expects that the next World Cup football and England win would acolade what was a very successful career. David Beckham was bo around the London region and England as a child soon developed a passion for football. His father would take him to the local park to practice their skills and how to catch a ball and control. As sometimes put in the air as high as it could and then asked David to try to control, and retued to the field. Youth Beckham practice the art of scoring a goal from the other half of the field. This is a competence that is very hard to be perfect. Years later, when he played a famous game at Wimbledon, which marked this goal which highlighted his talent and put it on the football map. Beckham was soon a son from a variety of clubs, but decided to join Manchester United. He remains adamant U.S., despite his move to Madrid to play and admits that is still wounded by the way Alex Ferguson intimidated by the club. David has always believed that in the end his career in Manchester, but this should not be. It is now very happy at Real Madrid defenders have had with him. Despite the lack of silver in his new club, Beckham has maintained his form and was one of the most consistent performers of the team. David Beckhams England inteational career was what some of the mixture. England defender never forget the time it was sent off against our great rivals Argentina, eight years ago at the World Cup. It 'was a moment of madness I'm sure that counts as his biggest mistake in football. The way many people in England, has responded to this error message is too over the top and completely out of order. A lesser man might have even quit the game under huge pressure and the constant abuse of supporters up and down the country. However, this is not Beckhams style and fighting back. His final performance of the group qualifying game against Greece was nothing short of sensational, and that the punishment scored in the final was one of the best I have ever seen. At the World Cup is four years in England, went to play again in Argentina. During the meeting, were awarded a penalty that David stepped up to take. My heart was in my mouth and I was in the ball for him and for our nation proud. The pressure was felt to be overwhelming, but kept his cool and slotted the ball into the back of the net. I really hope that England captain Beckham can go all the way to win the FIFA World Cup 2006, because I think it really deserves.

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