Friday, November 13, 2009

Truth about

Truth about "Golf does not play golf" The following information has been leaed along the way during the development of our line of putters. The following observations were made on the premises for the design, manufacture of materials and prescription Putting Putters methods.These and observations are not original and many of them are obvious, but we can list them anyway.The golf ball is a little 'depression on the green. This is why flat face Putters have 4 degrees of tilt to bring the ball in impact.The club has no control over how hard the ball is hit.The club has no control over the direction in which the ball.All player strikes the ball after impact with a skid putter despite contrary opinions. The claim that a skid putter does not imply that the laws of physics were suspended for the duration of the skid testing.The varies from a few inches to three feet with the largest number putters.The slip, the greater the incompatibility of the device. Not all are created equal.The ideal putter putter design and construction reduces ball skid. The player can control the speed of the putter head and has no control of the ball after impact.Putters speed varies a lot in this energy transfer in the amount of time for the transfer of momentum and the ability to play the same speed, such as' head.The ideal putter putter design and construction of a rapid transfer speed putter putter head ball.Most have a face in the best position to hit the ball, a sweet sweet place called spot.The larger in all directions in the face , from top to bottom and walk to heel in the face, the putter more forgiving design for the loss of visits from golfer.The golfer who has more influence on putter design on the direction the ball travels after impact.The optimally minimizes golf putter directional error caused by the misdirection of the putter face to the ball in impact.The golfer has more influence than the design putter distance the ball travels after impact.Optimal putter provides design and construction of consistency in the distance the ball rolls force. The impact on performance is not only dependent on the geometry of the face, or rolled flat.The performance not only depends on the club head geometry.The performance is not solely dependent on the mass.The performance is not only dependent on the positioning of weights. The performance depends not only on the location of the 'axis head.The performance depends on the optimal combination of the geometry of the face and head as well as the mass and positioning of' shaft and the weighting of variables placement.The direction and distance exists to consistency of each golf club putt.Therefore and design are desirable. Consistency in golf club design is possible factors.Consistency can be measured with the club and leaed from golfer.The golfer must first lea to make consistent stroke. We believe that our workshop on alteative medicine or materials.Golfer should choose a putter that produces coherence in the design and construction quality. See our line of test and put putters.Prescription was founded by Lanny L. Johnson, MD Dr. Johnson is an inteationally recognized orthopedic surgeon, a pioneer in arthroscopic surgery. He is an inventor, holding over 40 U.S. patents and foreign-related surgery. The most notable was the co-invention of the engine, the instrumentation used daily throughout the world, even today, more than 30 years later. The longevity of this invention is unprecedented in surgery.

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