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S There is nothing so glorious as a good fight with fists

S There is nothing so glorious as a good fight with fists ? Blessed be the Lord my strength which teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight. My goodness and my fortress, my high tower and my deliverer, my shield, and trust; subdueth under me my people. (Psalm 144) ? Sparring do here? He asked. ? Yes? I said, I had another wish to respond. Normally I? I am very angry when the new guys in the gym, wander in search of training, but this was different. Usually the kids around on their own or with a partner. This was a group of four, and only three of them were teenagers. The guy I spoke with an older man, probably in his fifties. The first time I met with a group like this means that the Elder was the father or the uncle of the youngest children - exploration around a gym for their children. This time he knew better. Adolescents always guide their gym and then tell dad about it later. The old man who brings children to the gym for a fight that can not be a coach and a coach who arrives unannounced to anyone else? S is usually a coach that gym? S has something to prove. ? Mohammed here needs some sparring practice? Then the old man. ? You can discuss? Mohammed was high and dark, about 18 years and is the author of attitude across his face. He was about two meters from me, arms folded, eyeing me. And to me it was verified that the coach was not the only group with something to prove. ? Well, we almost made it again tonight? I said,? But where? I would like to retu on Sunday afteoon, you might be able to make a couple of tus with your child then. Sunday was three days and expected to answer all of the package would result in unsatisfactory simply moving in search of prey most intelligent, but the old adage? It would be good. What's the weather here? I replied with a weak explanation of how the dialogue tree just for fun in the gym and as we all try to take care of one another, but it was too late. The party was in stone. When the group was presented on Sunday, I was busy chairing the monthly meeting of the Parish Council. I had forgotten my church rights management, when I made the date with the old, but the meetings are scheduled for completion before the children arrive for training in any event, we recommend? They have not made any difference. I purposely hold meetings in the room adjacent to the gym, so if the meeting can not be run in late and zip open the gym and play an ear during the final session. Can I? I do not remember if you take that day, or if the children came first. What I remember is that the last half hour of the meeting was dominated by a rhythm? Thwack? penetrate the walls of the council - the sound of my opponent into a punching bag of possible band in preparation for the big event. Needless to say that it is difficult for me to focus on details of the meeting. When he finally ended the meeting, apologetically to me faster than the challenge of global warming. Deliberately is still used in my office in the neck, with the hope that the sight of the venerable old rector of Dulwich Hill could have a calming effect on the challenge that this time he worked on himself enough foam sweat. Un po 'di thought I was told that neither Muhammad nor his brothers and Mustaffer Achmed (who introduced me to) is likely to be affected by the priestly garments. Perhaps the meeting was drained my brain. It seemed to be a good idea at the time. Reunion of the brothers has made me aware of something else. Mohammed brought a considerable entourage with him. Besides the brothers were cousins and friends, boys and girls - an audience enough. I introduced everyone, but I get the picture. One of them had brought a video camera, hoping to capture vivid images of large shellacking on the tape. I did a little 'weak credit? All take care of all the others? but all the words are in this phase, only the most undesirable delays to the big clash. I have on my computer and, with respect to ring. I think that was still muttering niceties when the bell rang and Mohammed started for me. I was young, fast and strong, and he came to me like a wild animal - panting hard, his eyes buing, fists flying. I've been in this position before and knew what to do. The child was properly and quickly, but it was still a teenager, and this was the Achilles' heel that had to aspire. What? And when? You are a teenager. What? S to show how all that difficult - it can be shown that chest beating stronger the gorilla next to you. If you can counter the young Achilles - and they do lose they seem a little 'stupid ideal - then you can take control. So I did what I do best - I had my game and fabrics used in the legs and stay away from him, let him swing in the air for a while 'and then won when he tied me. And in the embrace of friendship continued my dialogue -? What? S is a po ', eh? There is no need to hurt anyone today, eh? I met this standard for the better of two laps before accepting that the dialogue was easy, with no positive effect. Typically, a young buck like Mohammed can maintain this kind of pace for a lap around the middle. Swing to lose more and more frustrated and tense that they receive, the more frustrated and tense that you receive, which shed more energy into every shot. Other guys I? I had been drilled like this in about a minute, but Mohammed was timely. Since this type not only his friends, but watching her family, the potential for embarrassment was huge. Every now and then you can transform so strong, but so wildly almost trip over itself? a move which drew the laughter of the female members of their surroundings and makes the blood boil. The video stream would not be able to help you keep your balance, good. All indicators suggest that this type is necessary to punch early, but after the second round seemed to be showing no signs of tiredness at all! At the beginning of round three of you again and I tried to speak again, but I fought back and still rocking. It seems that no matter how many times you can tu on the air will come out the next shot with the same energy level, confident that my house was always the next. Now? It is precisely what every human being, you can expect to take, and I? M is no exception. I pride myself to be as calm as a cucumber in the ring, but after two laps and a half with this guy, who was starting to get really angry. After all, no? S can only keep evading and avoiding long before your opponent makes a lucky punch land, and that was hard and continuous drilling. Midway through round three that made me the ropes and began to work my body and throw uppercuts. E 'state when the third law signed last Uppercut Whizzer hair and my nose to remember something inside me saying? This material? I spun off the ropes and began to give some back. Perhaps it was a great shock to receive a few photos of me after two rounds of almost total passivity, but it has been? Not ready for my retu at all. I do not believe me? I never landed a three punch combination to anyone as fully as I did on that fateful Sunday afteoon in Mohammed. I threw a right hook, a left hook, right, and an Uppercut, and the great beast fell like a sack of potatoes at my feet -? Boom?. Knelt and I was chosen. Hugged me and whispered in his ear? You? I have friends to watch. You? I see his family. You? New on tape. No? I do not want to sound like a fucking idiot, eh? The guy who answered seemed to be a completely different character, who was beaten to the ground -? What? S has only a little 'fun, eh Father? There is no need to hurt anyone here, eh? After Mohammed and I are best friends. We did a little 'more fun and respectful back together after one of his brothers (who can, do not remember which) gave me a couple of rounds. Her brother was completely respectful from beginning to end, not a shot was thrown in anger. We had a nice time. When everything is reinforced through the ropes and down the stairs, and Muhammad? S entire procession formed a guard of honor in silence as I left the ring. I had just seen the film? Gladiator? the previous week, and the memory of the passing scene between Max and his fellow gladiators who all rose to greet their hero back to flash came to me. I think it was the greatest moment of glory that I have ever experienced. There was - towel on my shoulder and gloves under his arm - to leave the gladiator ring on silent adoration of the crowd gathering, which was before me, and parted as I made my way from the stadium. I can not think of two other moments of glory in my life. Dave Guleyan fight over five rounds in 1991 was the first. It was not? That the fight was not anything spectacular, but the event was broadcast on a major TV news programs. And I won! The second point of glory, when Anthony was arrested? Man? Mundina with a left hook, and I heard the roar of support from the home crowd at Dulwich High School. It has nothing to do with my thought that I could beat the man, but to catch him with one solid shot, and knows that all my colleagues saw me do it? it is glorious! But Mohammed was the incident with the time of the gold medal for me. Maybe it was because it was so unexpected. I was focused on survival. I think it was only the guard of honor formed spontaneously that I realized that Muhammad had? It was not the only one? The program?. Mohammed VI after about two times higher than on Sunday. Are losing contact with him, but there? S coach not allowed him to maintain contact. The event is also in the past, but the sense of the glory remains. Still feels good when I think about it.You have just read an excerpt from "Sex, the Ring and the Eucharist," a book "Fighting 'Father Dave Smith - Parish Priest, community workers, professional fighter, father three children. Dave is the only Australian in Holy Orders to tu professional boxer to help fund their work. The pastor at Dulwich Hill, is sixth degree black belt in martial arts, and has received numerous awards for his work with young people. Download a free copy of his book, 'Sex, the Ring and the Eucharist' when you sign up for Dave Newsletter

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