Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The history of boxing

The history of boxing Boxing has become one of the most famous athletes of our time. With large lots to be held in glamorous locations like Las Vegas, which attracted media interest from around the world, and the attention of amateur boxing. The history of boxing, shows us that sport is basically the same, when it was first introduced. Some of the aspects have evolved considerably since then. However, the basic premise remains largely the same. To trace the history of boxing to its roots, we must retu to North Africa during 4000 BC. Another place that had participated in boxing has been anticipated in the Mediterranean during the 1500s in British Columbia. The first documented evidence of boxing was in Greece in 900 BC, when a rule, in practice, to see two men beating other entertainment. The difference between this type of boxing and the boxing we enjoy today, is that the rule, a man named Thesus, the boxing match, which could continue until one of the opponents was killed. The history of boxing, also shows a great difference in clothes wo by the boxers to the sport and safety equipment required today. Early boxers wore nothing except for the upholstery on the arm and a pair of unpadded gloves. Boxing was one of the first Olympic sport. He was part of the race at the Olympic Games in 668 BC. Competitors wear, but instead of gloves hands were covered with strips of leather that are designed to protect against injury. Looking at recent history of boxing, one sees that in 1681 in London the first bare-knuckled fight has been fought. Very similar to the early fighting took place in Greece, this type of boxing does not allow any kind of protection for participants. As the name suggests, they fought with their bare hands. Launch directly punched on the body and the head of their opponents. This continued for many years and in 1743 the first documented set of rules were introduced. This was done primarily to avoid the death that took place during the games. The regulations provide that if a man fell and was not obtained after a period of 30 seconds, the boxing match is over. It was also during this period that the boxing gloves with padding were introduced and requests. Review the history of boxing shows that sport has increased in popularity and championships with prize money were soon formed. This finally graduating in the development of amateur boxing, which is what we see today, during the Olympics. In amateur boxing, the emphasis is put on the landing punch will score. Competitors are not interested in obtaining a knock-out were professional boxers. During the recent history of boxing many amateur boxers, after competing in the Olympic Games under way in the world of professional boxing. With many times the price in millions of dollars and involved in the approval is a lucrative career.

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