Sunday, November 22, 2009

The history of kite

The history of kite Kitesurfing is by far the rage in extreme sports. The idea of using a kite to enhance speed and gravity of the Inteet emerges as a new and exciting challenge, but the art of kite in the 13th Century Chinese when it was used as a simple method of transport. Kitesailing, as has been called, is half that used the wind as an aid to control its pace and energy to mobilize their canoes through the water. The first history of Kitesailing date from the early 12th century. In 1800? S George Pocock took the design of the kite as a basis for a new level of increase in the size of the overall kite and used as a sail to glide carts on land and ships on water. The models were designed kites with 4 lines, the same configuration deployed today. Both carts and boats were able to tu the sail and the wind. The wind generates enough lift under the wings, in order to leave the ground and powerful enough to sustain that for a period of time. These kites have been able to push a vehicle through anthropogenic soil, snow, ice and water. These kites are Codependent the wind and his need to go on land or water to make them fly. However, once the kite is in the air it produces its own wind, which is proportionately faster and creates more speed for the vehicle. But a question remains over the first kites were deployed from the ground and outside the scheme. Not on the water, where a kite. In 1980? S Wipika, Kiteski, Fone, Concept Air, C-Quad, and Naish Kites marketed water launch kites. These kites could be sailed again shortly after the fall of the wind on the water. In the late 1990s? S off the Hawaiian coast of Maui, Laird Hamilton and Manu displayed extreme sports opportunities for browsing and following radical prisoners. Its popularity has skyrocketed as one of sports most rapid growth over the past two years. Today, there are organizations, competitions, videos and magazines from around the world dedicated to the sport more popular and the feelings associated with them. Jakob Jelling is the founder of the visit of its latest equipment kites kite surfing, Kiteboarding lessons, places to surf and more!

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