Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The story of my first mountain bike race

The story of my first mountain bike race This article goes to everything you want in a mountain bike racer. Let me tell you a little 'my first mountain bike, racing, and perhaps inspire you to create a yourself.Let' s top ... I have a form for my local bike shop, filled and sent with $ 13 Then I reread the book Ned Overend to make sure that what I knew the race. I had no idea of what to expect during the race, because it had never been to one. All I knew was that before you drive the course before the race day.Well the week before the race of my mother and I drove to the position of the race in search of a forest or in a place with trails. No luck. After the conversation with a local, we found that the circuit is located on private property, and it is only for the day of the race. Ok. The trip was not a total waste, at least we knew the instructions, and how long it would take to come here. We drove a few streets back, and I was able to get a sense for some of the ground riding.The would let me race on Saturday, so I made sure to get a decent Thursday and running on Friday, then I would be cool. (If you have a day the day before the race, your legs feel "dead" in the race.) Also on Friday, I tried to load more stuff possible, the race to save time moing.I awoke Saturday and Nice early Saturday moing and had a great breakfast of pancakes with apples and cinnamon four hours before the race. Then I had all my stuff in the cart and a double by MTB Race checklist to make sure that everything that I had needed.We left for the race, which was a little 'more than an hour away. The trip gave me a little 'time to plan my trip and hear the music, for me pumped. Once we are closer, I could see the knights of heating on the streets. I have so many beautiful bikes and team jersey, I was a little 'intimidated.We parked on the field with everyone else. Decreased a little ', and has the registration table. He had a package for "Bloom Levin." Once you have changed my clothes in my bike and started to warm for 20-30 minutes. (BTW, if I changed, I found a small bathroom with a pavilion. Normally, only by car.) I tried to open my practice and my area, since in the same place. It 'always nice to know if there are sharp curves or other surprises near the surface, especially if you are duking for the first place.I back and people start line so I jumped in about three or four rows back. The race was for a short speech on the line on race and how the label. Start! Here we go! I was in practice clipping the pedal quickly, but what - that took me some time and that all were me.After a half-mile or so, rather than a steep hill with lots of switchbacks to the field. I love the mountains, so I have a couple of people, and chased a few more on top. Then I met a small problem: my descending skills. Not that I was wrong, but I was pretty inexperienced and I have participated in all the way up I catch the drop. After the trade, with the same people over a few hills, I knew I could not keep my way to wasting energy. Then, at the next exit I want to go cycling. I never had the balls to go so fast and nobody could take me no more! The race only get more difficult as he kept on. Everything is very mental, I have never driven so fast or so much agony! At least I could see my odometer, and only 4 miles left! As the race went, I was for the people, the team wore jerseys. How can they be promoted? Then I met a beautiful descent along a pipeline. Very fun! It has a coer and ... another hill! Festival beginning for me at the base of the hill, the kind of strange, I never had the feast of people, for me, while I was driving on a bicycle before. However, this hill is freakin 'great! I could not feel the pain no longer, and I have just started to fly up the hill, because I knew the race was almost over. (A good use of a meter!) I clicked on the top of the hill, realized that on the left, and more fun! It worked perfectly, because I was in a position to someone else. Then it was all downhill fun. The feeling that I had up was truly euphoric. This is what it is all a matter of race! As I said at the end, people are in Porches is a race and the party to me. After a sharp right, I crossed the finish line. My mother is nothing to see, so I have a fresh spin. When I came back online, some through Guy and his friend said that would have made the Top 10 with "Finish". I was astonished. I was sure it was a lot of riders me.Then first I waited around for a few hours (not unusual), because the results were, and has a nice shaved ice and free water during the period of qualification. And yes, I did change my anger, uniform.Finally sweaty, trophies: 5 I have total, what is 1st in the age bracket of 16-19, eaing power and a small trophy to me, with my free T-shirt. Wow! Then I went home with the first trophy I could be proud of! I love racing! Levi Bloom has been racing for about 3 years. He is also the founder and owner of Bloom Bike Shop bloombikeshop.com and for further information and manuals for repairing bicycles bicycle. To see more of Levi, where his page at

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