Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Latest Filipino Genius

The Latest Filipino Genius A year ago, many people in the industry have asked that, when confronted with the name of Marlon Manali. The Filipino based former snooker player has understood that he could not make a living in Asia from snooker so tued his hand 9-ball. A decision that tued out to be. He has not disappointed APBU a WPC in 2004 on the right, then to prove his point from a race for the last 16. That are performed have confirmed their place in this years World Pool Championship. In recent weeks, has won two major touaments in the United States, El Reno Open ($ 12,000), and then the 9-ball in the event of hard times Jamboree. What better preparation can be purchased for WPC this year begins July 2 in the city of Taiwan Khaoisung. He showed plenty of promise last year and has excellent results in the Tour de San Miguel de Asia. Marlon Manali is just another in a long series of signal filipino sports genes. You can follow the steps of Bustamante and Reyes? Obviously, only time will tell, but in its current form, has a good bet that this year's WPC. So, keep your eyes open.

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