Friday, October 2, 2009

What is the cost of the winners

What is the cost of the winners I lived in Massachusetts all his life. I grew up watching Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish. I've seen the Red Sox lose World Series 86, and the Patriots lost 2 Super Bowls, before becoming a winning franchise. I am a big Red Sox fan and watch the Patriots, but sport in general leaves a bad taste in my mouth.It me sick to see the athletes and wine mou not treated with respect, just because someone offered them $ 12 million a year instead of $ 15 million. (Nomar Garciapara How is it possible that next year?) Manny Ramírez $ 20 million a year ago and wants to be traded because it has no privacy. Chill list goes on and on all sports. In my opinion, the most repugnant of complaints coming from the end of the New Orleans Saints football team. Being treated unfairly because they have no home. How to pay millions of dollars is not fair treatment, because no homes. What about the homeless? I want someone to treat me as unfair because these athletes are treated.Then get to hear owners complain about big contracts and who are losing money. First, you're a billionaire for a reason, has done something right. Do not try to lie and tell people that are losing money. Nobody believes in it. If you were losing money? D sell.These same as the owners complained of losing money to increase our ticket prices each year. Perhaps this is just one aspect of Boston, maybe not? Happen anywhere. Once in the game to pay € 7 for a glass of beer. A study was conducted in the Boston area and a family of four is going to cost between $ 200 - $ 250 to attend a Red Sox game, only for the seats. Parking is now $ 25 - $ 30 depending on the parking lot. I wish that every year, after going to boycott the professional sporting events. We need to give the owners and players a taste of my articles for their reality.Most have a theme, an argument to get the value for your money. Money is so hard to reach for the average American family and to go forward, and actually save some 'money, is required to obtain the value for money. This does not always mean being cheap, just smart. I do not feel like spending $ 250 to attend a sporting event to watch a group of millionaires is a game value.Scott operates Bianchi To be included on their mailing list when you publish a new article, send an email to articles @ bestinteetbargains. com

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