Thursday, October 1, 2009

To pee or not pee

To pee or not pee The eteal question of which dress urinationIf Hasna? Did not happen to you, it will. The fall of 15 feet, and suddenly you feel the need. Is this possible? Do not keep it. And there? S can not reach a bathroom without spoiling the whole dive. So? if I? m in water, my urine just dissipate and dissolve and disappear. You just whiz all over? The simple answer is yes?. Have a loss. The truth is that there is no health risk to watering the neoprene. Many people do not understand that the urine? unlike feces - is sterile, unless you have a urinary tract infection. It contains a large amount of dissolution of the body of waste (mainly nitrates), but poses no health risk to you. The only sign of costumes whizzing is temporary heat in your vicinity. But beware, if your urine is dark (a sign that it is probably very smelly too), you can get a reaction from other divers, especially if they occur all over your bathroom? Yellowish cloud of warmth. As a frequent diver, your best strategy for dealing with this common situation is opposite: Drink more water. A hydrated diver can urinate in their clothes and their urine is not dark or smelly. You have certainly noticed the difference between tomorrow and urine after urination (or during) a long night of drinking. Dehydration is very common, but is tolerated minimal dehydration and passes unnoticed by most people, because the symptoms are quite mild. If you are properly hydrated, urine is clear and odorless. A draft routine should drink plenty of fluids the night and moing before a dive, to ensure an adequate hydration.You joke can hear the sub? Heating suit?. The heat supplied by irrigation costume is comfortable, but temporary. Yes, when you feel warm piss at first, but in the end is actually lower your body temperature. You may notice that despite having raised the first draft, you need to go again when it reaches 20 feet. Why do you need to pee again? This may be a phenomenon called duiresis draft in response to increased pressure, your body feels compressed and your kidneys start to produce urine. Since you already rinse your suit after each dive, there is no need to worry about the smell of their urine down. A suit unrinsed develops its beautiful smell CRUD and algae in water, not urine. Urinate outside! About the author: Ian Scott is a diving expert and freelance writer for (sub resources)? which provides information for each diver can use. Information on diving gear, diving equipment and much more.

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