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The Toronto Maple Leaf After 18 s Report Card Games 2005 2006

The Toronto Maple Leaf After 18 s Report Card Games 2005 2006 The Toronto Maple Leafs have their season and not as I wanted. I expect great things from the team, Quinn has always been a great offense and now has the chance to show what they can do, without worrying about other players Connect disability and its players. What happened? I think someone has to say, from the leaves, the speed is important in this year. Adding that the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan forces the leaves of smart financial and suddenly you move? Re stuck with an aging Goaltender and little space to defend the CAP. The result was predictably surly Belfour early and often has to fight, while a weak defense, he makes the crowded every night. If the lens shots Belfour, a tough feat for any team in the new NHL), he could probably hang on to win us a few more games. Our leaders, as usual, no? T doing their part defensively, but that? S probably why? Reused half decent blue-liners behind them. We? Ll have to wait until a few months to be sure, but unless the Leafs a drastic change in philosophy or personnel, may be used for a long season and a short playoffs.The following map in a report on the team: Goaltending: C + Belfour was weaker in games he's strong. He complains about the small gloves and I feel for him, but he? S was used, nothing will change. The reason, is not he? T complete garbage this year because of his incredible vision and intelligence on the ice. E 'un Goaltender positioning accuracy and certainly hasn? T, that the capacity is lost. Most companies have the right in his chest, you can believe that? The lucky, but not? T. The problem arises when shooters to shoot on his glove side. If he does not have? Ll improve glove and play all right, if he can not be? T, we have more? Ll know soon enough, and the burden falls on Tellqvist. Tellqvist is a great game and a terrible game. What we can rely for the future? Your guess is as good as C + mine.Defense I'm trying to push the defense up to a B because of their guilt? Ve done, but most of which McCabe. Kaberle is still not shooting enough, even if he? S has been terrible for the haste. After these two things south fast. Klee, presumably on a rock of defense for us the way too many penalties, and the new man Khavanov lives up to talk to him. Prevents physical game is frustrating to watch. I Haven? T offensive seen much of him and his defense was not commendable. It 'even worse. Berg, who has moved from the end, it is still terrible with the puck, although probably only to him only after McCabe give away the puck so often. A great mountain man who loves his size, but is slow. The new NHL player must quickly and Berg is not easy. Belak has been one of our defensemen, but fortunately it was on, because he played in a number of games such as D-Man are also in this assessment, but I won? T said much about him other than he sucks on the blue line. The remaining players are young, Colaiacovo, Wozniewski and Kronvall. All three have played decently and should be a lot of time to make mistakes. If all three play from the first day I had the higher-ranking defense. From Belak and these guys have a Leafs I expect the blue line in the future will be much improved, but a real solid player is still in progress. Leetch had perfect.Forwards BSundin missed the first 12 games, and there are still ok. Now we must retu Sundin, there should be considerably improved, Sundin is the man, period. Lindros was solid in almost every game? S has done, I wish that he had three years ago, Bobby Clarke stupid. O? Neil will be greatly improved with the retu of Sundin (Mats you don? T go), and young people are fantastic: Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, all bright futures with the club and have rapidly become key players now. Good for you guys! Allison was a little 'disappointed, I expected him to become a major actor and while he points, he could be improved. Allison is so slow, I don? T know if he has become a major player because of it. Great hands, legs, but slow in the new NHL-don? T requirements. The new NHL is about speed, speed, speed. Antropov was injured and, of course, is not it? T score again, this guy is soon over. Ponikarovsky has been good, scoring timely goals and play physical, I like this guy. Wilm Kilger and remained stable, and I? M we can look forward to the depth. Domi hasn? T is a 'changed since the blockade. The only forward to a great disappointment is Czerkawski, where are you friend? He? And only in six matches, but? Sa reason. Do something! Coaching + C Quinn, the main burden of the team? S near 500 record. If we retu to the kind of team then fine, but I think we could and should have won more fashion games we have. The Leafs beat a lot of door, I? M fault that coaching. Come Quinn, these boys in their place and win! 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