Monday, October 12, 2009

NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs In April, 8 NBA teams from each conference qualify to play in the championship playoff. The first three groups according to their regular season records were chosen for the top three seeds on the NBA seeding system. The next five teams with the best performance to take the other five seeds. The only difference in the NBA seeding system to other major American sports leagues is that the division of the championships are not guaranteed home court advantage in the series. In contrast, in the home court advantage is based on the team? S regular season record and not on who won in division.In seeding system in the NBA, the team gave the first seed to be against the team as the eight seed, seed of a second face against the seventh seed and so on. Therefore, the greatest advantage a team can achieve is to have a high seed to face a weaker team. The team with the best record in regular season at home in view of the court advantage.Once start the playoffs, which follow a touament format. The team? Face to face is a best of seven series. The first team to win four rounds for the next round. The teams are not seeds, once the playoffs start the first half or eight winning teams will face the fourth or fifth seed team that wins. The second and seventh against the winner facing the third and the sixth winner in order to maintain the balance between the teams.The final round playoff between the best teams of each conference in another seven game series. NBA Finals are usually held in June Most of the time, but not always, the Most Valuable Player Award goes to someone from the winning team. The exception to this rule was in 1969, when Jerry West won the MVP, even though his team did not win the NBA Playoffs NBA Betting Systems Finals.Our are classified as very good classified paris SPORTIFS goodbye to our partner site.

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