Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Manufacture of billiard Champion Series III V

Manufacture of billiard Champion Series III V ? Stun Strokes? Once the fundamentals are correct and that you are shooting with a tail and the level you need to master the stun stroke. This photo is the most important shot, because it provides a reference point for positioning the cue ball. Ongoing Straight Stun When you reach a beautiful race in the past, it will produce? arrest photos. In other words, the ball stops when it comes into contact with the object ball. The factors influencing this are a mixture of the following; cue point position, the power, monitor and speed (the amount of time it takes the tip of the tail to accelerate through the ball). There are an infinite number of mixtures of these variables that produce a photo stop. For example, you can use 4? Away with a small force or only 1? to follow with great force to produce a photo stop. Play with the variables until you can handle any position and the cue ball. Check the monitor by placing a ruler next to your cue tip. Then vary the distance between the balls. Once? Ve control by the end of a diamond with 1 or 12? away, to hold by another increase of 12?. The distance that you have more later or rotation? High English? takes the first ball strikes the object ball. Therefore, the greater the distance below, you must hit the cue ball to make a stun / stop suddenly. Stun racing to a new point of view, place the object ball 12? away from the cue ball. But this time, putting the cue ball at 30 degrees, so that they are in order by means of it the ball pocket. Use the stun stroke, and the cue ball will go right? tangent. This is the line that is perpendicular to the ball at 90 degrees. The faster it is difficult or strike the ball, the more the line Voyage. This is the first step in preparation for cue ball position. DO NOT go to the next, until you are comfortable shooting Straight Shots In Stun-Stun Strokes and at an angle at different distances. Being able to change the variables (cue tip position, strength and speed) and to obtain the same position cue ball. (Jackie? Angel? Broadhurst, National 8-Ball & Trick Shot Champion, invite everyone, of any gender or background, lea together and play this great game. Visit his website at

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