Monday, October 5, 2009

There is no such thing as the Olympic Games

There is no such thing as the Olympic Games   They are often confused when I hear the bragging, because they have a high strike and / or high profit on sales (POT). You know the 'my strike rate of calcium is 73%' or 'my POT on the images of 90%. " Yes, OK, congratulations. For you is a pat on your back and money. Well, actually, if the ball to hit 73%, this is certainly not guarantee a profit. Since the goal is still a lot of winners, right? Well, yes and no. It is simply the goal of making money, or is, as much money as possible, given our current resources (time, a bank, knowledge, etc.)? I know that sounds like I have a little 'too greedy, but come to accept that, we all want the big, big, fat, consistent profits from our betting, do not we? I think many people think, the time that this game is a punting competition, where the commemorative plaques, certificates and smile are assigned with the best win strike prices and gains on sales. Yes, before you clean your block to write me a letter of reprimand for my arrogance, I admit that I am a little 'too hard-line on this. I mean, really, who cares if you have a pot of 30%, 60% or more? WHO CARES win, how many teams will be saved, or how many horses has supported the first to post? It seems to me that a lot of players seem to be the eyes and the only true measure of how well done. . . How much money do you have? Maybe I'm strange, but every time I hear someone spruiking that this is an excessive pot say of 20% or more, the first thoughts that pop into my head is not, "Gee, that guy know what he does, that a legend! "but more in terms of quantity of money in May if they did? If you have a large number of pot that they give me three things: 1 They have perhaps a dozen bets on the most, 2 are too selective with your choices, but most importantly, 3 They are not the money that could be . Every time I try to explain to a player in the issue, they think I am completely crazy. "What Do You Mean bloody, I could do better? Tell me how many other players can reach 90% POT? "In general, this is what I heard when I opened his mouth on this topic. You miss a good bet is as bad as a bad bet. There is an excuse for little. We all do both, but we hope that does not commit the same mistake twice. For those who do not agree, please do the following: Tell me why I my back on a positive expectation of use, regardless of the change? Perhaps we should not play, because they give me my strike rate, or my pot and, consequently, the sound is not so good when I brag to my colleagues. Nonsense! There is no such thing as the Olympics, it is not always a prize for the best POT numbers or strike price. I repeat again. The objective of The Game is to make money. If the execution of an average retu on each of more than 20% or 30%, in my opinion, it is necessary to restate its approach, and some 'working to get that back a little pot' for the smallest positive expectation bets. Yes, the pot down! How many good bets that you lack, if you expect the whole year, and only 12 missions, but you have 80% of POT? They make money for this 12-bets only. OK, fair enough, you can bet large in proportion to his bank roll, but keep in mind are two, three, ten or more times the amount you make with small edges. Article. . . "The difference between the edge and your expectations," it is clear from this approach. Read this article can be $ 1,000 's of U. S. Dollar, the difference to your profit in one year. Remember that it is not the number of winners to come back, but how much money you make. Leave the bragging and high tuover at the "Heroes"

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