Friday, August 21, 2009

Top football stadiums in college

Top football stadiums in college Sport is a big part of college life. Among the drinkers, who share the student to demonstrate there to support their team and the school, the football may be the best and worst in people. For those who like to have more than just the NFL, here are some key steps universities have to offer. Top stadium belongs to the Texas A & M. Kyle area, is much more of a stage is an experience. The fans go to their team, so that during the game, except when the opposing band performs at half time. For the fans there, the fans are continuously every time the team points. And last but not least, Kyle Field is the home of the 12th Man. Who would not want to be part of the game without actually having to endure the bone-crushing treated? When it comes to home field advantage is not the stadium, compared to Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium. Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Virginia, not far from the blow of the brute force of a great stadium, but with knowledge to drown the noise of an aircraft. Each stage has at least one end, the noise deafening and the area bounded on the South End Lane Stadium the bill fits perfectly. Holding more than 11,000 fans screaming Virginia Tech, the section has increased the noise and makes Audibles. This is not to mention the isolation factor. With the nearest major airport about 45 minutes, the opponents' fans are never in Lane Stadium. Neyland Stadium home of the Tennessee Vols have a unique style. First there is the checkerboard end zone. Not many teams have been creative enough to think something like this. Next is the fight song voll. With the crowd singing constantly, every new fan will know the words by the end of the game. Some beautiful sights of the stadium include Tennessee River, the fans are coming by boat and shore hour after hour before the launch and the game. On the other hand, the hills, the old town of UT campus. Rising above all are the Smoky Mountains, an ideal scenario for a fall Saturday afteoon. For fans who enjoy a nice view of other things than the game that is the right place for you. Fourth is Notre Dame Stadium, home of the Irish struggle. At this stage we can find some 'of the sky. By Wach - distance from the area are large structures, like the Golden Dome, the Grotto, the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur and the Hesburgh Library, which is equipped with "Touchdown Jesus" on his part. Notre Dame Stadium was expanded to fans who do not receive tickets. The school has sold out every game, but since 1964. The only non-sell-off in that time was a Thanksgiving Day game vs. Air Force in 1973, when no students on campus. The fans have shown their commitment by exciting rally swing on Friday nights. This is not the type of volume you want, when you're an intense game? And finally, Florida Field, home of the Gators coming in fifth. Several restorations over the years have led to a configuration of 83,000 seats, as opposed to your typical bowl. The first underground level, and both areas are attached. There is no buffer from stands that are less than ten meters in some areas, the feeling of the fans on the field and players. The North End Zone Touchdown Terrace is deafening for the opposition with an advantage for the Gators. The players go nuts, but the fans are even worse. Between the screams and the ring hollebolle supporters barley hear the person next to them and this is before the kick-off. So if you're a fan who likes to be evil and powerful of the stadium for you.

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