Sunday, August 23, 2009

The most fundamental strategy in tennis Consistency

The most fundamental strategy in tennis Consistency Hello, This is the second in a series of tips from tennis. I do not assume to tell you something new every time, but sometimes you need to hear something that you know, once more! As promised, this time I'll give you some tactical advice. It's called: consistency! In tennis the basic idea is to hit the ball over the net to the ground of opponents and, preferably, a time more often than him. If you succeed, you win a point. This is the basic idea. Now I know there is no more, but because it is so fundamental and essential, it is worth paying attention to. On almost every level you gain more points your opponent's mistakes that you make your own winners. Every now and then on a professional level, you can see a player who hit more winners to his opponent is wrong, but often it is the same around here. This balance between risk and not make many mistakes is very delicate and very important if you want to enjoy some success in tennis. A good example of this is the game played against the Dutchman Verkerk Federer in Paris in 2004. Verkerk has hit a lot of winners, but, unfortunately, is almost useless, as many mistakes. Evened his fault winners. Even if he had the initiative for most of the match in the end he lost. Experience (acquired through years of practice and play lots of games) and the talent will help you decide where to go for the winner and when "fair play". This is called playing the percentage (or percentage of ping-pong). This is consistent in all situations of the game. (More about that next time.) All this is assuming that you can play offensive and defense plans. If you just started playing tennis at the most important is: CONSISTENCY! Yep, focus on keeping the ball in play to try to get every ball, do the soles of shoes and hit the ball to the side. Be persistent and you drive people crazy! "Everybody back the ball, say. (You can smile and know that you have deliberately chosen this strategy, while still developing the game). So do not forget to play with consistency! HAVE FUN, Mark Luyks Do not forget to visit my website

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