Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turnovers and penalties in the NFL

Tuovers and penalties in the NFL In my article this week, I must find the way to penalties and a tuover of a certain school of football, the performances on the field, straight-up, and against the spread. I noticed that I had this team in particular the story closer to its terrible performance on the field would have been easy to predict, if not expected.This not uncharted water. Penalties and tuovers that are SU and ATS losses. Here is what I found after eight weeks of NFL play.PenaltiesMost Penalties: It is not surprising that New Orleans (76 to 621 meters) and Oakland (72/571 with a game in hand), the NFL lead. Tampa Bay (70/573), Miami (70/521) and Baltimore (70/519) are tied for the third and five combines a SU and ATS record of 15-21 (41.6%, -4.5 units -- 110).   The penalties are demoralizing, to kill or to extend the drive, and usually means an undisciplined or poorly managed teamLeast peanalties: Not coincidently, Indianapolis (36/235) and Pittsburg (40/370) are a combined 12-2 SU and the fewest errors. Oddly enough, the next three are 2-5 SU Jets (42/353), Cleveland (42/321) and San Francisco (42/298). The SU-five combined record is a bit ', but the combination is 21-13-3 ATS for a 18-17 portfolio-fat (62%, 6.7 units). TuoversTuovers helpful: Creating a tuover in itself is not exactly a state that guarantess SU or ATS success. Cincinnati (28), Giant (22), Detroit (19), Buffalo (18), Jacksonville (17) lead the NFL in combined and take a 21-16 SU 19-15-3 ATS.Least sales and profits: Do not create tuovers at this point was a recipe for non-compliance of New England (5), Houston (5), Washington (5), Oakland (7) and Seattle (7) for SU and 17-18 ATS record. Revenue lost the ball away Surefire is a guarantee for a high draft choice. New Orleans (23), St. Louis (21), San Francisco (19), Minnesota (19), and Tennessee are a horrible 12-26 SU (32%) and slightly better 13-25 (34%, and a devastating - 14.5 units) ATS.Tuover report, if it is a po 'tuover ratio interesting.Positive: No brain surgery here, the teams with the best value are just some of the best teams of NFL. Cincinnati (+20), Giants (11), Denver (+8), Buffalo (8) and are a combination of Indianapolis 27-11 (71%) and 22-14-2 ATS (61% and 7 6 units). Negative Tuover Ratio: might want to think twice before playing with teams that not only create opportunities in defense, but not to protect the ball on the offensive. New Orleans (-12), St. Louis (-9), Washington (-9), Minnesota (-8) and Tennessee (-8) are a combined 14-24 SU (37%) and 15-23 ATS ( 39%, -10.2 units). Again, this is not the earth shook and the basic stuff very basic handicap. History has a way of repeating itself and the teams that are good and bad in the NFL the first half are likely to be good / bad in the second half. Tuarounds (good and bad) are directly corrected, or failing to correct these errors and are seriously into consideration when finalizing your selections.Dennis Macklin is a documented member of the Professional Handicappers League. Read all of his texts on

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