Saturday, August 29, 2009

What is Round Pen Training

What is Round Pen Training ? 2006 E. Landers in recent years? Natural? Riding round pen training trainers are at the forefront when it comes to training horses. This type of training makes use of the pen to a cycle of base or an old horse to train, rather than with traditional methods. What? S is the basis for this type of training? Well, a few pen training is actually the change of behavior principles in training all types of animals, including horses. On a side note, these techniques also with people. Round Pen Training using rewards in the form of body language, facial expressions of the horse? Natural instincts to herd behavior you want. The results are generally very fast and strong bond between the horse and is often the human through these methods. A study conducted at Michigan State University shows that for the seventh session in a round pen, horses to react with a predictable response in less than six repetitions, instead of the 60 who had in the first session (Nielson, B & A. Zanella ). Once the behavior was leaed, life is filled until the horse the same consistent human responses. Round-pen training is a valuable tool to teach a basic beginning for horses or remedies for horses. Horses have a natural instinct called? Fight or flight?. With a round pen, a manager may be the danger of combat, and maximize the benefits of the flight response. Round pin allow the horse to mentally escape from the pressure of the people, giving them time to think about what you need to answer. If the operator has a living room into a pasture or arena, the scene seems to be often a struggle, but in reality, the horse is simply trying to escape. The design of the round pen is a further advantage that maximizes the horse? S ability to think. There are no coers for the horse? Hiding? within the limits of its ability to control the situation. This focuses the horse? S behavior for the coach. With plenty of space away (flight) and think about what is being asked, the horse that you lea to work with people is the decision easier. The trainer should be noted that specific lesson plans for each meeting, as mindless run laps really time for the horses? Tune out? man. With the round pen training with a calm that plan, can afford it, a horse trainer and a safe environment for the creation of a clear line of communication. Of course, every horse is different, but always round pen training results in a relatively short time. Leaing the appropriate techniques and work your horse in a well-built round pen is the key to rapid results and long-term success.

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