Monday, August 17, 2009

The road more traveled

The road more traveled With Larry Brown, you? Re never sure if you are coming or going. What? S is almost certainly ISN? Do not stay - for a long period of time. The speculation that Brown could bolt the Pistons to become the Knicks? floor leader next season has been rampant since the besieged Lenny Wilkens departed New York last week. And Brown does not often traveled? Not do much to help convince the management, players and fans in Detroit, which has been living. First, let the media in New York Knicks that the work has always been his dream, and spoke of his great respect for its president, Isiah Thomas. Then Saturday, with the Knicks in town to play the Pistons, Brown avoided the media before and after the game, presumably to avoid questions from New York met the press that was? not prepared to answer honestly. Or maybe to see how long you keep the wind and blows toward the east. In any case, credibility was a fire at the Palace that it was approaching five alarms. Why will not Brown would leave any other coach? S dream of working in Motor City? You may have as much support (and most handsfree) owner in professional sports in Bill Davidson, in which a GM Joe Dumars will give you all you have to compete for various titles in the NBA, most deep as the game supplemented by five half above the bank lacks almost all the egos, and the adoration of some of the best fan of the championship - The Brawl over. Most coaches in pro sports to find a job for life two or three of the stars align in a job, though, is Brown in Detroit. Oh, and there are another 15 million reasons to stay, the three years left on his contract at $ 5 million per season. The answer to why Brown, even taking into account the Knicks job is very simple. E 'un Drifter bags which are never fully unpacked. What keeps the 64-year-old coach is moving to the challenge of collecting a pile of broken pieces and put it together? the right way?. The Knicks doubt that this opportunity. A band dysfunctional ego, a terrible mess salary cap, the hungry fans, and a rabid all means facing the next Knicks coach. For a bo and raised in New York, Brown should look at this situation and buzz? If I can do, I? ll make it anywhere?. Some coaches are motivated to try to stay at the top, once arrived, the creation of dynasties and legacies (see Phil Jackson, another strong possibility for the Knicks job). At Brown? S case, shows no apparent interest in the registration book or the perception is that once the work and the road heads. What? And the process of motivating Brown, and he must find something to feed your motivation. This could explain why it is so often seemed disinterested with this Pistons team. Of course, there was a lot of personal and professional distractions in Detroit this season. A short summer left little time to recharge the batteries after the Pistons? Title run, and Brown? s Olympic frustrating experience. An unexpected piston after hip surgery? S regular season, the coach has become a spectator for the first few weeks of the season. And then, almost immediately after his retu, Brawl. But more than anything else, and acts, Brown seems like the buer is down. Each time was at or near the top, he? s left for the next opportunity to teach an organization how to do things? the right way? . The pistons are at the top, looking down, and Larry Brown is the next challenge that awaits him, and that? s time to close the suitcase. Brown finally in New York next season, Dumars would have it, either by fire (very unlikely that the other 15 million reasons), or have his contract, which is actually a strong possibility. Dumars has never had a player who does not? I do not want to play in Detroit, and here? s bets would you do? not try to coach a different way. Monday, Brown finally went to Detroit, the New York media training situation. He said, though not very strong, that Detroit would be his last stop in coaching. The problem is, as he says, no? Do not look the camera in the eye, looked at his feet. What? S terribly difficult to know how a man is sincere when you can? Do not look in the eyes. On the other hand, maybe it was just checking to see if there is enough tread on their soles wear in New York?

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