Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trampoline Safety Pad & Accessories

Trampoline Safety Pad & Accessories Trampoline, since the recovery of equipment, propulsion systems, the user of unusual height and in a variety of body movements. Recreational trampolines are exclusively for the garden of a house and not for competitive advantage. The vast majority of users of the yard trampolines are children, and therefore require close and constant adult supervision. Rules to follow when playing on trampoline.A essential for the safety trampoline with safety pad. Quality manufactured safety pads are made from a 1 "single layer of polyethylene closed cell foam and are equipped with UV-resistant and durabe coverage. Swabs should be connected by straps and / or tablets buckles.Safety are not designed, nor be used as seats or steps. not sit or step on the security pad! Failure to comply with this rule can lead to irreparable damage to the pad pads.Trampoline and all other components must be checked before each use. defective or worm trampoline must be replaced before the resumption of weight, the use of restraints for most trampolines trampoline.Recommended not exceeding 200 lbs. People on or near this weight should be the elasticity of the springs first rebound wide. This can easily jump on the table. When the elastic seems to be weak, stop bouncing immediately, take in the spring to verify. When the spring seems to be more stretched, the mat not be reinstalled until the sources of error have been replaced. Make sure that the control and the mat for all components, the need for more information on trampoline safety replacing.For can be found on our website

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