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Throckmorton targets beginners and high handicappers exciting new golf course with education system

Throckmorton targets beginners and high handicappers exciting new golf course with education system Former PGA Golf Professional, Ben Throckmorton, is preparing to release what the "Ultimate Golf Instruction System." This new system of education at the golf course is titled "How To Break 90 in 3 easy lessons. "Throckmorton, with his golf teaching series, direct aim at players of all levels including beginners skill, high-handicappers, senior players, junior and women. Throckmorton created the system to players of all ages annd significantly improve their ability to assess golf. "There are two kinds of teachers exist," Throckmorton said, "golf swing mechanics and good guys." "The golf swing mechanic breaks the swiing into small pieces and then expects Handicapper for a beginner or high all the parts together, which is a great task at best. "The guys feel like telll that all the players they need is a new gadget or trick to improve. "While the two types of teachers may also meanning, nor able to improve players of all skill levels. "" Despite the amount of guidance and assistance available to the players to raise a fantastic pace, average handicaps have not been able to improve over the past 20 years. "My reference was to Ben," Why is it so? "Most golf lessons is that with good players to be taken into account with respect to those who are good players who already have the golf swing and play a good game of golf. "The players have a feel for the provision of sound and space to stroke the ball and can these advanced concepts in their games. "If you're not one of those players who have a long and straight shots consistently, or if you are a beginner, the golf course is useless because you have no one teaches you how to get this feeling that lets you golf club on the ball from time to time. "" My system teaches fundamental time and strengthens the foundations, as each player to develop and maintain their sense of quality golf shots hittiing under sound fundamentals. "The goal is to teach players of all ages and skill levels as the use of its fluctuations in the soil and therefore be able, consistently, that the production of swing on the golf course with a minimum of practice time. "" This is very important because most of us simply do not have time to beat balls for hours every day. "This is why I designed the system to provide distance, consistency, accuracy and results on the basis of 1 hour weekly practice time. "" How to Break 90 in 3 Easy Lessons is "easy" to use "simple" to understand and "easy" for your game. "The three hours of Set-Up, Full Swing and Short Game with a special lesson that has added features over the course strategies guaranteed to save strokes. Throckmorton's Golf Swing System contains detailed written instructions, with the corresponding data for the entire page of every aspect of the golf swing, including construction, swing, chipping, pitching, putting, sand play, and special strategies. To enhance the book and illustrations, Ben has also recorded video of themselves to explain and demonstrate each part of the system. Here is a brief excerpt from the full, as part Break 90 in 3 easy lessons. -Well, we are almost there, the moment of truth, when the club head into contact with the golf ball. We discussed static positions, which should, as you swing the club from the ball, hopefully, putting in a balanced and effective as of which you can blow through a place the golf ball, which in tu produce constant is long and accurate shots with every club in the bag. But wait, you say, golf is not a static game. In fact, the only thing in golf is static, the ball. It will remain motionless until you are. This is not to move, it is not going to run, you can do what you want before pressing, but if you hit, it's nothing more you can do other than go there and hit it again. Your swing, however, is a living, breathing, dynamics, movement, and therefore it is very difficult to apply the measures of static positions or there. Suppose, for example, you swing the club head through the ball at 75 mph. Tiger Woods swings at a speed of 135 mph + with his driver, but most of us ordinary mortals can not only create that type of swing speeds, thus only 75 mph for conversations. You say to me? Well, if my club head is moving at 75 mph, the same speed to drive my car on the road, how in the world do I know if I am searching for the correct swing position for me? A good question, if I say so. The answer to your question is, did you? feel? these positions and thus increase? feel? mentally by good shots. Remember when I said that the fastest way to ruin a good swing, was the target of association in the wrong direction? And 'This is the beginning of the sense? If no, do not worry, it will be first. So you have seen, are everywhere, trainers. They must hold their hands high and low hands, push, pull, rotate, all types of positions and approaches, but without the sense to go with these terms, it's all useless. E 'inutile simply because the Swing happens too fast for static positions. They believe that there is on a consistent basis. "E", its momentum. This dynamic concept of the opinion that it is very difficult to explain and even harder to teach. The only way I found for the average player, or high Handicapper beginners feel the correct movement is the palette of a club and a couple balls and swing away. Without feedback from the flight of the ball, none of this means something. We are just talking and all these concepts are static meaning. We need these static positions on the fly and be able to play at speeds above 75 mph. Sounds is not impossible? Fear not, because to read. I have in the beginning that you are shooting the best results in your life and you. For more information, visit:

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