Friday, August 21, 2009

S What is the special tribute and Houston National Courses

S What is the special tribute and Houston National Courses And 'something really special for every golfer at the Tribute Golf Club in Houston and national courses. Homage is located in the colony, North Texas and the Gulf is an incredible experience. This is truly a meeting place for special event. In fact, it was the tribute of course with the legendary courses of Scotland in the eyes. Therefore, it is nice reception at a time and place in history and tradition. The Grand course was designed and created by golf architect Tripp Davis as a tribute to the various courses, if the spirit and traditions of golf was bo. The real beauty of the course is in the details, because Davis, for example, ensuring that each of the Tribute, 18-hole, with a focus on the most famous and challenging holes of Scottish links. The Tribute is possible that someone who is himself in an 'atmosphere, the historical purpose. From the old Scottish club designed Morris Pub serving Scottish specialties. It 'truly an experience that if a player can take a step back in time for a period of history that was important for the sport of golf and its development. Moreover, the structures here comfortable four numbers to 40 or 240. The Houston National Golf Club is the first number one public golf course in Houston. The course was designed by Von Hagge, Smelek & Barite and has 27 holes, the championship may be played in three eighteen hole combinations in the middle of the other spectacular architectural features. Houston National has a great driving range with hitting on both ends. Not to mention the great practical utility, pitching green, practice fairway bunkers and practice putting green. The course opened in November 2000. And that is how the Tribute Golf Club, Houston National Courses are special, each in its way awesome.

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