Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is needed to play better golf

What is needed to play better golf Like any other game, which is considered a good golf player goes beyond having an average score below 80. While the ability to play the game is commendable, a holistic view is needed to obtain a well-rounded game. Fitness - Keep your body and mind in shape is the key to becoming a good, if not great, golfer. Take care of your body and you are insured in the form not only leads to better performance in progress, but also ensures that you can enjoy golf and even in your years. - Get physical eating right and exercising regularly. Maintaining cardiovascular and muscular tone that fits the game of golf. Some indicators of physical fitness are your blood pressure and BMI (body mass index). Check with your doctor on what are appropriate levels for their age and body type. - The mental ability is equally important. You can find ways to relieve stress. Develop a time of meditation alone or with family / friends. Keep your mind sharp by exercising with the reading or crossword puzzles. Practice - Develop a consistent and regular routine. Many people find that they want to play more and practice less when it is contrary to the best results as regards the assessment to go. For more practice, to develop techniques and muscle memory that will also bring in their game. - A good game to practice a ratio 1:2, ie for every hour you play golf, you get 2 hours of practice. This can not be made every day. You are advised to alteate practice days and play in a way not to work too. - Continue their training in the game. Not just because we know how to play means you already know all there is. Remember there is always something new that you can lea, or join a class or a lesson with one or two more advanced players. Do this at least once a year. They constantly want to golf skills shows your dedication to become a better player than it was last year.

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