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The Triple Crown Horse Racing s Ultimate Challenge

The Triple Crown Horse Racing s Ultimate Challenge The Triple Crown, like many of our best traditions, was not created t, he grew up. During the end of 1800? Three different tracks created races to test the new crop of three years. These three races, the Belmont Stakes, Kentucky Derby and Preakness took place in the same year for the first time in 1875. E? T up to 44 years later that Sir Barton (1919) became the first horse to win all three. The term, Triple Crown, n? T invented until 1930 when Daily Racing Form? S columnist Charles Hatton, used to cover Gallant Fox? S efforts.In win the 131 years that have passed only 11 horses have managed to achieve what is perhaps the most difficult feat in sports. Compared to the Triple Crown in baseball without batting daily, after the League in other sports, a piece of a dozen, there were more solar eclipses in our lives that the winners and the Triple Crown every year, more people are affected by lightning, as the total number of winners in history.Some Triple Crown of horse racing? s most legendary name is unable to capture this event. Man o? War managed only 2 out of 3 legs (did not start in the Kentucky Derby), Seabiscuit, after losing 17 races as a right for two years, n? Not take into account (even if it did beat 1937? S Triple Crown winner War Admiral in a match race); Cigar ever, for his great victory at the end of its fourth year.What this event makes it very difficult to win? Many factors must be taken into account. First of all there is? S age horses. Triple Crown races are limited to 3 years, children who have their official birthday on 1 January each year. For the first Saturday of May (the management of the Kentucky Derby), but most of the competitors have reached their third birthday, who has won? T achieve their full growth potential until their fourth or fifth years.Another important aspect is the short time between races. Most horses classified matters now working with 30 to 60 days between races, but Triple Crown competitors must run 3 grueling races within 35 days. Including Sir Barton, the first Triple Crown winner, won the Preakness only 4 days after winning the Kentucky Derby while today? S challengers do not have 14 days between the two races.Perhaps the most important factor is the distance of these races, the Derby is a mile and a quarter (10 stages), the Preakness, a mile and three sixteenths (9.5 phases) and the Belmont at a mile and a half (12 stages) is the longest of the three. Horses that their attempt to survive the Triple Crown rarely, if ever, to compete at these distances again. And yes, survival was examined. Triple Crown hopes were never able to compete again after the Belmont, even as a potential superstar 2004.Will Barbaro Smarty Jones will be the next Triple Crown winner? He has the breeding and talent, but at the time of writing twenty horses have won the first two phases of the Triple Crown, not only in Belmont. Twenty-five others have won two of three races, but maybe this year? The Triple Crown is the ultimate test of greatness, and that? Why is the first Saturday of May each year in America? S thoughts tu to horse racing and the hope for a little 'more than a representative of Triple Crown winner. Because there are, after all, need another hero.Triple Crown Facts: The first Belmont Stakes was run in 1867 for € 1850.00 to the Jerome Park Race Course, New York, and was originally an eight and five miles but was also running a mile and an eighth and a mile and three, eight, before settling at a mile and a half, 1926The first Preakness Stakes was held in 1873 with a price from € 1850.00 to Pimlico Race Course in Maryland at a distance of a mile and a half, but was executed in six different distances between a mile and a mile and a half before stabilizing at a mile and three sixteenths in 1925The first Kentucky Derby was in 1875 a grant of $ 2850 , 00 a Louisville Jockey Club Course, later renamed Churchill Downs, a mile and a half, but was reduced to a mile and a quarter 1896Since in 1875, there were 5 years if it was not possible to have a Triple Crown winner: In 1890 The Belmont Stakes and the Preakness where on the same day the same trackIn 1911 and 1912, the Belmont Stakes is not required in 1917 and 1922, Kentucky Derby and the Preakness where held on the same dayOnly Triple Crown winner directly to another father, Gallant Fox (1930) led Omaha (1935) Only two trainers have trained more than a Triple Crown winner, James Fitzsimons? Gallant Fox (1930) and Omaha (1935) and Ben A. Jones? Whirlaway (1941) and Visa (1948) Only one jockey has mounted more than a Triple Crown winner, Eddie Arcaro? Whirlaway (1941) and Visa (1948) No filly has ever won the Triple CrownNumber life Triple Crown winner? none, Seattle Slew (1977) died in 2002Number of the Triple Crown winner to win the Breeders? Cup? nobody said last Triple Crown winner (1978), the first Breeder's Cup 1984C Wayne is the Executive Vice President and the choice of games, Inc. and an author and lecturer on gambling and disability. You are invited to visit and receive free and the free daily report of the house of 'The Best of disability. "

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