Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The mental game that your way to Lower Scores

The mental game that your way to Lower Scores People are telling me that when I came to the golf course I try not to think of everything, and others who say that their head is full of thoughts. The only time you need to have a clear head when the ball over stand ready to take. Before and after what you need for your opinion. In fact, a clear tu-out can really help you relax and have a nice ride. Warm up and stretching, you can golf in the mind set. It also shows the blood flowing. Before getting to the tee on the first hole and I have two club-swinging about 20 times in a full golf swing easy. This is the muscle relaxed and the bloodstream. Before each shot the ball behind and above where you want to reply. Choose a spot in the fairway or the green where your shot. Think about it and try to eye the image, as you behind the ball. When you set to make clear your mind, swing and easy to accept the draft. If your shot does not work, as we wanted a little 'time to the analysis of the shot. If you know what you did wrong then fine, but if you do not know what happened, forget it. Your image is not in progress. Try not to frustrate the "onlygoing spoil your next shot or the year. Do not practice on the golf course. I played with my sister one day and everything has been done to remember 25 different things they have leaed the lesson, the Gulf-week. You never get a good shot and the day of the course to be more frustrated than when they arrived. Practice in the field. How to go to your ball after it has been taken to find, close and enjoy the time you're on the course. Try to relax, as long as long as possible yours. Enjoy the people who have personal use of or have time alone is precious. If you look at the ball trying to decide where you mind is Yardage green. There are usually on the fairway makered markers or colored inserts on the edge of the fairway. As we know from the start to help what kind of shot and club you use. I always try to think of how to play each hole before you tee. If I wait to tee-off, I score on the card and try to escape from my approach to the hole. For example, if your neighbor is a hole Par Four long I'm on the tee and take a look at the entire forum. I can decide to use a 5 wood, 9 iron, PW, and a shot at par. Also, I have 3 shots, are also confident in the encounters. In my mind helps me relax before hand and focus more on each shot. I do not feel anxious or uncertain about a possible impending stroke. If any of the images is not enough that I know how it is, but planning ahead really helps. A par five can be a driver, 5 iron to 9 iron with a putt for birdie or two putt for par. A long par three can be a challenge if they are a lot of bunker or a hazard class of the water. If you are afraid of water or a bunker and then decide to fix. Can I say the hole is 210 meters with bunkers and water obstacles. You can expect a discount club tht is to arrive at 150 meters and then left with a 50-yard chip or pitch shot with a putt for par. This can be better than those in water from the tee or in the bunker. Most weekend golfers I know have a hard time with bunker shots. Avoid, if possible. Even if I could drive me Imight green, if the risks are too difficult. In summary, think of your tu, or the next shot can really help to reduce the score. Un po 'di perspective helps you be honest with himself and will help you to avoid the blows you can not. Play your strengths are not in management, but it is the acceptance of his capacity, and that actually helps to reduce golf scores, as we shall see in the next article.

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