Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Impossible in Football

Impossible in Football It is said that the ball is round and anything can happen in football. Such is the unpredictability of football is a further element of surprise for this game. E 'as David against Goliath. Idealists and romantics always root for the underdog. This is why the Rocky movies are so popular. Here we are dealing with reality, not fiction. E 'in this scenario where the underdog can thrive and succeed. Think about it. We have so many unlikely if the impossible possible. As early as 1992, Denmark has not yet qualify for the championship of Europe. They only after Yugoslavia disqualified because of political instability. Denmark leaed their entry just 10 days before the championship began. Denmark quickly reminded his team of players from their holidays. Denmark fought in the first game of the Swedish group stages of losing and drawing 0-0 with England before we act together and beating France 2-1 in their last match of the group. The Danes then defeated hot favorites Dutch team in the semifinals on penalties, after the deaths of 2-2 could not be resolved. The Danes stunned the football world once again, beating the hapless Germans 2-0 in the final. What incredible feat! The extraordinary story of The Underdog continue with the emergence of Greece in the European Championship in 2004. Greece had a fairytale start beating host Portugal 2-1. Greece then take another hot favorite Spain a 1-1 game. Unexpectedly, was suddenly lost the Russians 2-1 in the final group game. In the end, Spain has long believed in the group stages expelled. Greece and Portugal went on to the next round. Greece will meet France in the quarters and France their next victim. Greece closed after seizing his chance to score. In the semifinals, Czech Republic Greece met. Czech Republic has strengthened his authority by beating the Netherlands and Germany in the group that won the stage and a convincing 3-0 victory over the Danes in their bedrooms. Here, Greece, once again, the tables by beating the Czech Republic in extra time 1-0. Greece continue to challenge the shares in the final against hosts Portugal. Despite the huge crowd support and grow their stars, Portugal lost 1-0 to Greece. Obviously, the host has not leaed its lesson. In addition, Greece has been determined by the fact that they had beaten the previous host in the group stages. The most dramatic in the history of football underdog must be the way to Liverpool captured its fifth European crown this year. They transition as a new manager came on board and their star player Michael Owen left for Real Madrid. Liverpool also had to deal with injuries for most of his season. Liverpool desguace apenas el grupo a través de las etapas a través de la piel de los dientes. Olymiakos had won by 2 goals to qualify for the next session. Things have taken a good start with the first Olymiskos drawing blood. Through great courage and determination Liverpool scored 3 goals through the efforts of Pongolle and Mellor and Gerrard burst into the next round. In the round of 16 was associated with Bayer Levekusen Liverpool, conquerors of Real Madrid and Roma in the group stages. Leverkusen Liverpool killed a total score of 6-2, although outside experts writing. Then I met another formidable enemy to Juventus, who had passed the Real Madrid in the round of 16. Juventus stunned Liverpool with a swift attack, winning 2-1 in the first stage. In retu, Juventus and Liverpool played to a draw to ensure the objectives of entry into liverpool semifinal. Chelsea will meet archrival that had beaten 3 times in the same season. Chelsea beat another hot favorite for the title from Barcelona to reach the semifinals. The first stage will be used at home goals. Liverpool has a new lightning attack from the outset that Garcia had a goal. After that, the door closes all the Liverpool and Chelsea can not violate the antitrust Liverpool. This was in the final, where he will meet 6 times liverpool champions Milan. Which fell to 3-0 by half time, however, managed to raise the score in the 2nd half. The Liverpool keeper denied the strike of two great Milan to send the match into a penalty shootout which Liverpool won 2-3 and has prevailed.

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