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The history of cricket

The history of cricket This article lists some important dates in the history of cricket. The people and events that have an impact on the game are discussed. The game of cricket is the second most popular game in the world, only football. Football seems to be a turbulent and colorful history, although the exact origins of the game are not known. Already in 1300, the name of the game "Creagh is located. However, it is not clear whether this is the start of cricket today. The name "General" can be derived from the word "Cric. The word was Cric the hook for employees, by Shepard. These were the first cricket bat. Football in its early days in England as a child was playing the game should not be heavier adults. In 1598 there was a written record of a game called "creckett" or "Crickett". This may be the first indication that the game is played today. With the 1611 cricket became a game for adults. As illegal and immoral, two men were arrested for playing the game rather than go to church. More and more arrests were, as the game grew in popularity. At the end of the English civil war in 1648, the new govement has blocked the recreation that cricket was played on Sunday. In those days, cricket was played mostly by the working class and Sunday was the only way to play. The interest in the sport - it seemed to be reduced. Over the years progressed, cricket again in popularity as a betting game. In 1688 the Puritan govement of England was gone and the monarchy was again in power. Cricket has been boosted by the govement and some respectability. There are still major problems in the world of cricket, however. Betting and riots marked the game. Around the year 1784 as a judge of cricket in London "respectable," even though there are still problems with the bets. Finally in 1788 the "Law of Cricket" were bo. The laws were approved by the Marylebone Cricket Club Except for some minor modifications, these laws are still respected in the present day cricket. An important change was in 1864 when over arm bowling was first legally. Football is the only sport hours law, in place of the law. Recovers even more serious at the end of 1700, cricket was the game of "colleagues". The laws of football have been for the game in England and the East - the United States. These laws, which the length of the step, distance from pitching at times bowling crease, Wicket, weight, and ball. The cricket and flat fields were cultivated in 1800. Up until now, the fields were rough and irregular. Australia and South Africa has started to play cricket seriously during this period. During 1844 the first inteational cricket match is played in the state of New York in the United States. This game was between the U.S. and Canada. Later, in 1877, England traveled to Australia for the first inteational test match. The game was in Melboue, Australia. Australia has won the game with 45 tracks. A few years later, 1882, Australia beat England again. It 'was a close match with Australia winning by 8 tracks. This led an English writer to publish an obituary for English cricket. The obituary is pronounced "dead". It 'went to say that the body was incinerated and the ash would have on Australia. The next summer England played another series against Australia. This has been nicknamed by the British press as an attempt to "recover the ashes." A small trophy was done with the ashes and the British captain. To this day, all the test results of games between England and Australia are playing for the ashes. " In 1900 the cricket and only his first appearance in the Olympics. The game was between France and Great Britain. Most French players from the United Kingdom, France, so often played the British game. England won the match and the gold medal. Today there is a renewed interest in cricket in an Olympic Games. The ICC was established in 1909. The Imperial Cricket Conference was formed by the laws of cricket. The Inteational Criminal Court is now the Inteational Cricket Conference. The foundation of the countries of the ICC were England, South Africa and Australia. The years 1932 and 1933 saw the laws of cricket tight. English players throwing balls at short sharp debate in Australia in an attempt at intimidation. England won the series, but ill feelings still exist between Australian and English players, because in this series. In 1960, some English teams play a shortened version of cricket which allow a game in one day. Until that time the average cricket match could last up to five days. Some fans and players felt this abbreviated form of cricket to be an insult to the game, then was not far from the traditional cricket fans. The first of a day - inteational meeting was in Melboue, Australia, in 1971. This game has the ICC to organize the "Cricket World Cup is played every four years. These lots are strictly one-day games. In 1981 the ICC banned underarm bowling as a result of a match between New Zealand and Australia. Australian captain Greg Chappell ordered his brother Trevor, the underarm bowling technique to stop New Zealand from a game to win. Greg's actions angered many in the cricket community that change. Today cricket remains a popular sport. Some young people in Australia and England grow up hoping to one day play for the ashes. " E 'uno sport in which tradition and its loyal fans. Although the history of cricket was rocky at times, it is good that is sport for the next few years. Further information can be found here: on.html

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