Friday, September 11, 2009

The value of observation

The value of observation Beginners must lea, with eyes that see. Occurrences seemingly unimportant at the moment, hearing that parts of great value. The hiring of an insect, for example, does not mean anything other than an increase in trout, but the position of this fish may be the position taken by other like water. The flash of the trout, changing his position in preparation for the examination of the fly fisherman, are often the place occupied by him prior to his position, and later, when the fish are not in the mood for food rule, has a fly, it can only grow. The rapid DART-up power from a small trout from the tail of a pool is a beautiful fair indication that a big fish takes the water deeper, which demonstrates how to ensure that the fisherman has little chance of him by the excitation of the smaller fish, probably in his large family. The delay by a fast flow on the upstream side of the stone is a favorite of trout lurk. I was one of those places of fishing days and found the trout occupy the mood more. Approaching a stone, which is particularly inviting, and in preparation for my flight, I was amazed to see the tail and half of the body of 'fine trout from the water alongside the rock. For a moment I could not believe I'd seen a fish, the movement was so intent, and came to the conclusion that it is lust or a water-snake, gliding over the river, had. Almost immediately, however, I saw the flash of a trout as the backward-and dashed Pell MELL in SWIFT water on the side of Boulder. Down-stream up to eight or ten meters below the rock, and, if rises strongly to the surface, has a few bugs that I could not see. Up-stream, he went again, and soon retu to its position in the dead water, shows the half of his body, as he is current on the side of the rock. Again, this result again, and I knew that I was just an interesting experience. Hurriedly measuring the distance, hoping that my flight to him some natural insect could inspire others to do the show to shoot-feeding, I was about three meters above him and, contrary to my usual method of recovery as swam past the up-stream side of Boulder, has allowed me to ride the wave of the peak when it is in flash, as the trout hatched later. The fish can be clearly seen almost directly under the overpass. Given the rapid flattening water under the rocks, tued around and took him brutally, darting immediately upstream again. He was well connected, and a beautiful fish netted no one ounces and half pounds. My experience so far has been a fly, if it were a yard or so on this point and allowed to swim on the rock of feeding fish often race ahead as two feet, and tu immediately or in its position . I assumed from this observation when the fly on the rock or river water, without an increase should be recovered and made another attempt. This fish, though, that I was satisfied, if we really feeding, or the inclination for food, trout can be lured relatively long distances through the host Morsels statements. Each has to decide not to fly about how it was to him or his exercise of hunting. In any case, was not in his peculiar habit, as were four other fish in the same way the same day. In most cases, when the flight is thrown against a rock in water Swift (I think that, under certain conditions, one of the best places to get to the trout stream) is when he is the rock, and darting trout retired immediately to avoid the catch from the water more quickly on both sides of his fortress. But if it is not, and is entitled to float with the current, can be an answer. It 'been a similar observation, practice, and I must say, rather dubious development of what some of my friends, I am delighted with the "flutter" or "bounce" Cast This occupation is presumed to have the action of fluttering insects, which fly only stop in the water increases, stop again, repeat the movement three or four times at most, then come to rest and can float downstream. It 'rare, but when it does so is death, and for the good of sport, I'm glad, but if it does so is death, and for the good of sport, I welcome the fact that it is difficult, but unfortunately also for the joy to have a successful really is bigger than the fish. Employment is very short with a line no more than twenty-five feet and-the-fly touches the water alone. The action of the motion is very similar to the method known as "dapping", but instead of dangled off the shelf, as is the case in which "dapping," on the fly "is actually an actor. It should be allowed to float as much as possible after its flickering or skipping stopped. Beginners practice, the actors are also cast in the direction perpendicular to the current, and should be fast enough, the water for his experiments. The velocity of water due to skip the flight, and the action it should have, the more easily simulated, if the first tests are in slow water. SideBar ---------------------- ----------------------- Old fishing classics contain Fly a wealth of knowledge for the beginner fly fishers as well as the experienced fisherman. The previous article was Taken from "Secrets of Dry Fly Fishing - Vol II" by GM LaBranche (1914) -------------------- - -- --------------- END SideBar The Author Donald Berthiaume is the publisher of "Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets", a new series of fly-fishing classic American books were published as eBook. For most of the techniques of fly fishing methods and books on fly fishing, visit the "Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets Vault"

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